Pop-Up Flea Markets to Catch in Bangkok Before They Go!

Pop-Up Flea Markets in Bangkok

Summer 2016 Edition

Hurry! CATCH these flea markets before they’re gone! Fleas like these pop-up once in a rather long while before disappearing as quickly as they came. So if you’ve got the chance, SEIZE IT and head on down before it’s too late!

#1 – TGIF Market

TGIF Market - Popup Bangkok

TGIF Market - Popup Bangkok

TGIF Market - Popup Bangkok

TGIF in this case stands for Thank God It’s Flea-Market, and will be around for 10 weeks. The allure is its constantly changing themes every week. So far, we’ve seen themes like Carnival, Checkmate and Garden… Who knows what else they’ve got in store! They spare no effort in creating these looks, so it’s a fantastic place for photos every time.

Apart from that, TGIF is a great place to hangout and chill with friends or your loved one.

We recommend trying all the food there, because they have some very creative, inspired and sometimes outrageous food creations that you’ll never find anywhere else.

Every Fri, Sat & Sun – till 17 July 2016

Fragrant Park, Thong Lo BTS (Exit 2)
1pm to 11pm

TGIF Market – Facebook | Instagram

#2 – The Knack Market

The Knack Market - Popup Bangkok

The Knack Market - Popup Bangkok

The Knack Market - Popup Bangkok

The Knack Market has a knack (pardon the language) for gathering some of the most unique finds anywhere. Products sold range from home decoration to vintage clothing and other artistic creations. Even if you don’t buy anything, come on down for inspiration and witness some of the most imaginative and fashionable uses of things.

Naturally, this market is styled in a hippie 1970s fashion, evoking a sense of freedom and funk that befits the kind of goods you’ll find in abundance here. To cap it all, the Knack Market hosts many activities that adds a spark of fun to an already vivid market.

They are open usually on weekends, but we strongly recommend checking their Facebook page to see if they are around or not. With a great track record of organised and hosted more than 10 incredibly successful markets since they began, we’re pretty sure they’re going to be around for a very long time.

The Knack Market @ The Jam Factory
4pm to 9pm

The Knack Market – Facebook | Website

#3 – FYI Market

FYI Market - Popup Bangkok

FYI Market - Popup Bangkok

FYI Market - Popup Bangkok

FYI, this market has already popped up 10 times in 2016 alone. That’s just how successful FYI market is in Bangkok, and we reckon it’s a 100% MUST GO if you happen to catch it.

The wares peddled here are mostly locally designed clothes, accessories and lovely home-made street food.

What keeps this market novel is the fact that you’ll never know where the next one is, until you happen to stumble upon it. We think it’s a tactic that forces you to stay and explore all of it once you find it, because you’ll never know if it’s going to be around tomorrow.

That said, the trend for the FYI Market is that they show up close to the famous shopping malls in Bangkok. But a good idea is to follow them on Instagram so you’ll be right in the know on where their next pop-up is going to be (if they tell you, that is).

Wed, Thur & Fri – 13 to 15 July 2016 (Mercury Ville @ Chidlom)

No Fixed Location
No Fixed Timing

FYI Market – Instagram

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#4 – Urban Eatery

Urban Eatery Popup Market Bangkok

Urban Eatery Popup Market Bangkok

Urban Eatery Popup Market Bangkok

Urban Eatery is the gastronomic’s night market. Here, you’ll find food, food and more food than your stomach will accept, but as if that’s going to stop you anyways.

From the usual suspects to some really inventive creations, you’ll never go hungry at Urban Eatery. While they consistently open every last weekend of the month, its location and timing changes each time.

Naturally, follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep abreast of when and where they’ll be next serving up great food.

Fri, Sat & Sun – 29 to 31 July 2016 (K Village)

No Fixed Location
No Fixed Timing

Urban Eatery – Facebook | Instagram

#5 – Oasis Creative Market

Oasis Creative Market Bangkok

Oasis Creative Market Bangkok

Oasis Creative Market Bangkok

Conveniently set up beside the the popular RCA street, Oasis Creative Market is one of the largest pop-up markets around with sprawling grounds of container blocks that house a myriad of stalls. It’s quite a sight too, with beckoning lighting that gets the vibes pumping.

Creative, artistic and vintage are the words that come to mind at Oasis Creative Market. With live music from popular local artists, great food and ice cold beer, this flea market is more of a chill-out zone than being just a market. It’s a great place to be at, even if you don’t buy anything.

As with all the fleas here, it’s a good idea to check their Facebook page and website regularly to catch them if you can!

Back Again – September 2016

Beside RCA
4pm to Midnight

Oasis Creative Market – Facebook | Website


#BONUS – ArtBox Thailand

Artbox Thailand Popup Market

Artbox Thailand Popup Market

Artbox Thailand Popup Market

Ah. Artbox.

This is one of Bangkok’s most famous flea markets, often known as the ‘coolest (and hippest) night markets in Bangkok’. Some of the most creative, innovative and inventive finds are here, along with utterly insane creations of both food and craft that’ll have your head spinning in amazement.

You absolutely cannot miss Artbox if you’re around when they’re around.

This time, they’re at the affluent Em District, and will be around until the end of June this year.

Back Again – October 2016

The Em District, Phrom Phong BTS (Exit 6)
5pm to Midnight

ArtBox Thailand – Facebook | Instagram

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