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Artwork by Pom

The brains and talent behind Artwork by Pom is well, Pom. She is a young, passionate and talented designer driven to create functional, stylish products that are not just eco-conscious, but that actively help the environment too.

An Eco-friendly Mission, by Design

Pom had seen how ‘fast-fashion’ was taking a toll on the environment and was often aghast at the sheer amount of waste it produced. She decided to do something about it, and took a sabbatical from her work in an advertising agency. Her goal? To apply her design skills to create a product that is functional, long-lasting, unique and most importantly, eco-friendly.

Designing Around Materials

Starting right from the source, Pom began looking for an eco-friendly material to design her products around. She wanted something just as good as leather. It had to be just as premium, sport unique natural characteristics, and unparalleled durability.

After experimenting with various materials, Pom found the perfect material for her new line of bags – Cellulose Fiber. It is a paper-like material made from the tough cell walls of plant cells – the same plant cells that make barks and stems so strong. It is fully recyclable, biodegradable and even tougher than leather. Uniquely, it also has natural graining and gains beautiful patinas with use and age.

Maximising the toughness of this unique natural material, Pom engineered designs that maintained a sturdy structure, and that brought out the material’s natural rustic look. Layering pouches over each other, with a rugged hand-stitching, gives each piece an unabashed practicality and functionality.

Spreading Eco-consciousness, One Bag at a Time

And her efforts have paid off. Artwork by Pom is a proud recipient of the Thailand Good Design Award, an accolade she earned just one year after launch! To her, it is a powerful validation of her mission to encourage everyone to switch to eco-materials. She is using her products to raise environmental awareness, whilst showing the world that eco-materials can be luxurious, durable and incredibly sexy too.

Be a part of Artwork’s incredible journey! You can shop Pom’s incredible designs right here.

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