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Emaley Studio

Emaley Studio

Ema, the one-lady show behind Emaley Studio, is a remarkable self-taught artist who has been producing original artwork since 2014. Having always taken an interest in arts and craft, she’d meddle with different materials – recyclables, fabrics, and combine them to create something arty and functional. Here’s an Onigiri coin pouch she made in school (accompanied by her Sushi iPhone cases)!

Way Back Into Art

As with many young creatives, her path deviated upon graduating with a degree in Interactive and Digital Media. Looking at her artwork, you’d never guess she was a geek for website design!

Instead of revisiting the joys of handicraft in her head, she decided to relive them – this time, experimenting with more art techniques such as sewing and drawing.

“As far as I can remember, I was very interested in crafts and art, and I used to work with recycled materials and fabrics,” recalls Ema. “I felt like I needed to recover the joy of working with those tangible materials, drawing, sewing, cutting and assembling.”

After a box full of failed attempts and an aching neck, she took her interests a step further. “I decided to start selling my own handmade goods with my original designs and drawings,” says Ema. “These are things that were exactly what I wanted to use, and described exactly who I am.”

And thus, Emaley Studio was born.

Ema’s adorable home studio where her imagination become pixels, pixels become print, and print become product.

Her work has garnered fans from all over the world, bolstered with her participation in regional craft markets such as Public Garden in Singapore and JCCAC Handicraft Fair in Taiwan, just to name a few. Be sure to drop by one of her booths if you have the chance because she also sells exclusive items such as badges, tote bags and stickers too!

Inspiration Lives in the Nooks and Crannies

The little things that give life to our surrounding are often ignored by fast-paced city living nomads. However, this holds no truth for a person like Ema.

Inspired by fragments of her daydreams and daily encounters (like her neighbourhood, nature and even her laundry!), they become the central motifs in her illustrations. Carrying these fun, handcrafted iPhone cases let us live vicariously through her, and at the same time, painting us an alternative perception of life.

Whatever the inspiration, every design bears her signature whimsical style. Even her Wood Collection puts her original illustrations on a surface that mimics the texture of real wood.

One Step at a Time

All this magic happens at her humble home studio in Bangkok, Thailand where she lives. Upon receiving an order, Ema selects the desired design and transfers them onto a sturdy iPhone case using a custom heat-press machine. This machine imprints the desired design through transfer paper and ink, ensuring a smooth and consistent graphical output.

The result? A delightful phone case with unique designs found nowhere else!

Every case from Emaley Studio is hand-made at home!

The Grass is Greener with Emaley Studio

Design is more than how it looks – it’s how it works too. And with good design, every part of it, even the packaging, has a purpose.

Ema shares that she made a conscious effort to design even the packaging for each phone case. They are purposely made big enough to fit your passport and spare change, and are sturdy enough for you to find creative ways to reuse them!

Through Ema’s natural affinity with colour and craftwork, she inspires a fresh view on passing time as well as a newfound appreciation for life.

“The work gives me a lot of satisfaction! I really enjoy making these products every day, and I hope that they bring a little joy to my customers.”

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