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Embroiderer Bangkok

Embroiderer Bangkok

Quality leather bags stitched with intricate embroidered designs. It’s chic, stylish and incredibly sturdy. The best part? It doesn’t break the bank.

Expert Embroidery

Embroiderer is an all-Thai brand with generations-old expertise in embroidery. That’s because it started out as a family-run embroidery factory business, which was responsible for embroidering and making the clothes from dozens of international labels. They have entrusted their embroidered designs to their business, which continues to this day.

But Amy, the aspiring young daughter of the family business is taking things to the next level. She is using her family’s traditions in clothes making and embroidery to invent something fresh and original. A brand of embroidery expertise, hailing from Bangkok.

Hand-drawn Designs. Precise Craftsmanship.

It begins with local artists who lovingly hand-draw each adorable motif. Amy’s team then precisely embroiders them onto quality leather, faux leather or canvas bags. Even the hardware is locally sourced from trusted smiths in the Kingdom. What results are luxuriously crafted products with bursts of character and artistry.

For Any Occasion

Embroiderer’s bags come in many sizes and colours, so there’s definitely something for everyone. The combination of style and quality also mean that you can tote these bags around for any occasion – from a casual day around town, or a funky night out with friends.

Amy’s belief is that every bag should fit in for any occasion – the only difference is in how you want to portray yourself. That’s why she spares no expense in ensuring every bag, no matter how big or small, are made with the same care and quality materials across the range.

These include its luxurious velveteen lining, embroidered trademark and premium hardware – all signature features of their dedication to quality.

Embroiderer is a hallmark of Thai quality and design. Unpretentious, yet quirky. Their products feel sturdy and luxurious in hand. We often find ourselves subconsciously stroking the little embroidered designs on our bags, a testament to this brand’s skill and expertise (or our irrational obsession with smooth things…)

You should try them out for yourself! Browse Embroiderer Bangkok’s collection right here, and have them shipped direct to your doorstep.

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