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Handcrafted rings made out of the finest woods from around the world. Hand-buffed to silky smooth perfection, every ring sports a unique character thanks to the uniqueness of natural wood textures.

Bringing Out Natural Beauty

Gleamwood designs their pieces around the natural beauty and characteristics of wood. From their colours, scents, graining and textures, every piece is crafted to bring out the best of these features. Thus, you’ll most probably only find one design on a single type of wood – simply because they just match so well. We could say that nature itself directs the art and inspiration of every design.

Well-studied Craft

Gleamwood has honed their knowledge and expertise in woodcraft for over half a decade. Discovering new grains, colours and tones – even from existing pieces – meant a never-ending source of inspiration and possibility. The deeper they delved into the world of wood, the more their passion for woodworking grew.

It is through this love for wood and nature’s beauty that Gleamwood handmakes all their jewellery.

Owning a piece of Gleamwood’s jewellery is like owning a slice of nature itself. Already, the woods are all unique. And for even greater personalisation, you can get your name or logo expertly etched. There’s something special about having something that you know no one else in the world has – and Gleamwood offers you all of that, naturally.


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