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Issara began in October 2012 – a brand founded by a trio of designers to answer a very important question: Where can one find great shirts that fit flatteringly on the Asian physique?

Back then, the founders realised that they couldn’t find shirts at Chatuchak Market that could fit them. Almost every men’s shirt they found were either too loose, or way too tight for comfort. Fed up with the lack of choice, they sought to create the finest, premium-quality shirts with lines that flattered the Asian physique. All at an affordable price.

Inspired by Freedom and Natural Balance

Their project finally took off after a trip to Japan, where the culture of simplicity and minimalism inspired their first collections. Each piece draws inspiration from the Zen gardens of Japan—Imagine ivory-white pagodas lined with oaken flooring—and then re-created into white, linen shirts fastened with genuine wooden buttons. It’s a marriage of natural material and thoughtful design.

Issara’s symbol is an origami plane, representing the freedom of style and imagination possible from a simple sheet of paper. It’s also the perfect symbol for the word Issara, which means ‘freedom’ in Thai.

The Issara team made it their philosophy not just to design great shirts, but to construct them like they would an iconic landmark. Every garment is perfectly aligned and tailored with obsessive attention to detail; an occupational hazard brought about by their training in architecture. Their prints make clever use of lines to enhance (or conceal) aspects of Asian figures. The result? Sartorial masterpieces for ladies and gentlemen that truly flatter.

When Quality Speaks for Itself

But with Issara’s shirts, those ‘simple sheets of paper’ are premium-grade Japanese linen and fabric that the founders hand-pick themselves. This is all to ensure unmatched quality throughout their clothing lines. Their designs even come in matching pairs for couples. This makes them a smart casual choice for both the ladies and the gentlemen, and a hot favourite for engagement photoshoots.

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Admittedly, it was challenging in the beginning getting the word out to people. But quality speaks for itself, and soon things picked up through favourable word-of-mouth and their dedicated base of returning customers.

Their distinctive style and dedication to quality proved to be a hit. They have built a loyal following of customers from around the region, always returning to snap up their new collections. Once, during an event in Hong Kong, fans warmly received the team and the brand even though it was their first time there! Everything was sold out by evening, and they spent the remaining time getting to know their customers.

Going Beyond Borders

The support and words of appreciation pushes the team to keep going and making quality clothes with an affordable price tag.

Now, with ShopJJ, Issara can bring their fashion beyond borders to fans from Hong Kong, Singapore and around the world. It’s their mission moving forward, to connect with their customers abroad, and share their

Moving forward, Issara focuses on going beyond borders and connecting with their customers in Singapore and Hong Kong. We’re really happy to play a part in making sure their fans worldwide can shop their quality shirts that absolutely flatter the Asian physique!

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