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Least Studio

Least Studio is a project founded by an architectural duo who saw the potential in morphing common work tools into lifestyle products. Albeit in its young years, they’ve garnered attention and have been awarded The DE Award 2017 and Talent Thai Designer 2017.

The first item that they’ve chosen to dissect and give new life is one that’s essential for makers and creatives, from the craft of quilting to print-making and carpentry. It protects the surface which you’re working on, assist with measurements and leaves you mind-boggled as to how they’re cut-free upon completion – we’re talking about cutting mats!

What exactly are cutting mats and why them of all materials? It’s a mysterious ‘self-healing’ material that’s a ‘combination PVC vinyl’. It might sound like gimmicky marketing speak, but as it turns out, these cutting mats live up to their self-healing abilities! It re-closes any surface that has been scratched open. The sharper your knife, the better your mat can deal with the attack.

(left) Indigo Blue Her Clutch, Blue Mist Her Clutch, (right) Assorted Stationery

To produce their first collection of cutting mat products, Least Studio spent a year refining regular craft store cutting mats. They attempted a few methods to treat them so that no odour lingered while at the same time, imposing upon them a soft skin-like texture (not creepy at all, I promise). This improved cutting mat material is also able to withstand water and UV rays. This means that your product will not go through discolouration or distort under harsh weather. Prolong the life of your product by giving it an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or some silicone emulsion – easy!

This modified cutting mat material also promotes flexibility, letting each bag take up a smaller space when necessary or fitting nicely into the curvature of your torso when its on your shoulder.

Besides cutting mat which takes up about ¾ of the exterior, Least Studio has chosen to utilise leatherette, an environmental-friendly option to leather, to construct its sturdy base, handles and zippers. Its interior, on the other hand, is a pleasant surprise. What holds your items is a layer of sand-peach suede nicely fitted and sewn into the seams of its structure. You could place a kitten in there and they’d fall asleep in 2 seconds.

(left) Hang Storage Tube (not available yet), (right) Muted Shamrock Large Hum Tote 

For the karung-gunis and hoarders, you’d be thrilled to find out that that Least Studio installs between 2 to 5 deep interior pockets in each bag. No more having to rummage through an abyss to find one lip balm!

Muted Shamrock Large Hum Tote

Least Studio got us really excited for their future plans mentioning the possibility of venturing into furniture, auto parts and décor pieces. As these genius duo were, they hope to inspire not just their users but anyone who comes across their innovation, to look beyond an object’s purpose and envision its dimensions.

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