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Adorable, relatable and quirky. Just like the characters they draw on their shirts, Linecense’s owners Terng and On are full of personality! They come to life in the characters they draw and print on their signature off-white everyday tees.

Rainy Boy Cat T-Shirt – L


Sincerity in Emotion

Every shirt tells a story, and their characters’ antics do their best to draw out a smile from whoever sees them (or wears them). It’s an endearing and characteristically Thai way of communicating! To them, sharing joy, emotion and feelings are convey far more sincerity than what is actually said.

Linecense-6B-FBeach Boy T-Shirt

Beach Boy T-Shirt

Linecense-1G-FGirl On Board T-Shirt

Girl On Board T-Shirt

Linecense-5G-FSugar Girl T-Shirt

Sugar Girl T-Shirt

Linecense-4B-FSweet Boy T-Shirt

Sweet Boy T-Shirt


Animators by Training. Creatives by Heart.

Their incredible talent in cartoon drawing comes from their years of experience in digital graphic animation. It was there where they fostered their distinctive art style and dreaming up characters who could capture the joy in life’s quirkiest moments. Fully believing in sharing and spreading joy, Linecense intentionally makes matching couple drawings and tees. They look great on their own, but are irresistibly adorable together.

Stories You Can Wear

Terng and On make it a point to always tell a story just from a single drawing. Be it from their characters’ expressions, the antics they get up to, or the quirky symbolisms that they draw them in. They draw inspiration and happiness from everyday life, from buying an ice cream during a hot day, to fooling around in the rain.

LineCense’s comfy tees fit all age and sizes. From kids to their parents and their parents’ parents!

Apart from the artwork on each piece, they ensure that the quality of their tees are top notch too. They are made of soft and breathable cotton that’s great in summer, and come in the widest range of sizes of any shirt brand. Linecense has sizes that can fit anyone from toddlers to plus-size adults.

We’re incredibly happy to have Linecense on ShopJJ, where we can help them spread the joy, laughter and happiness through their lovely cartoon characters that everyone and anyone can wear.

Wear a little cartoon joy with Linecense’s range of adorable characters right here!

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