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Tote bags are one of those things where there are simply too many of, and neither are very much appealing. Many end up just being functional carry-alls that are merely great for convenience sake. And the truly unique ones? Well, they’re often pricey.


Fah, a young local university student from Bangkok felt the same way. She had way too many tote bags, and they were simply not cool enough for school. Fed up with the dearth of fashionable options available at a uni-student budget, Fah took it upon herself to make her own.

Natural Inspiration

“I drew from my passion and love of nature and nature’s beauty,” says Fah. From the natural contours of the mightiest mountains to the harmonious symmetry of fallen leaves – Fah’s prints are uniquely self-designed and cannot be found elsewhere.

Her brand is named after “Mori”, which is the Japanese word for “forest”. Naturally, it takes inspiration from Japanese Mori fashion culture, which displays a common appreciation of nature, natural materials, practicality, casualness, and unique appreciation of the old, traditional ways.

Where Design Meets Practicality

Looks are not everything. Fah spent three years perfecting the build of the bags, sparing no expense to ensure every Mori bag is built to last. That’s because these tote bags carry an important eco message too: They are meant to be re-used as often as possible, so as to reduce wastage of plastic bags and other harmful materials.

She’s sourced only the most skilled sewers and tailors to hand-make every single bag, paying close attention to every single detail. The straps are double-cross-stitched for extra stability, and every bag comes with a microfiber lining that dramatically increases durability compared to ordinary tote bags.

Consistency is key, and every employee from the bottom up must be fully aware to the workmanship that goes into every bag – so that they truly appreciate and understand the craft of the bag, from manufacture to sale.

“We didn’t care about profit anyway,” says Fah, reminiscing about when the brand first started back in 2015. “We started with an expensive but extremely reliable supplier. We learnt, observed and grew from there, building strong relationships with our partners which is key to my brand.” Her dedication to quality, great design and a powerful ecological mission have kept customers in love with Mori’s totes.

Beyond Totes

Building on the success and popularity of her totes, Fah has recently launched a range of backpacks with the same design and functional sensibilities. Drawing from her experiences at university, she’s designed backpacks with the next-generation youth in mind: A padded laptop/tablet compartment comes standard, and their base is reinforced with tough faux leather that protects the bag when casually thrown around campus (or the local café).

We too are incredibly in love with her designs, and are proud to be helping Fah fashion-up the everyday tote with her incredible designs and quality – all at uni-student affordable prices!

Shop the range here.

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