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Bags Full of Tradition and Trend

Nuttiyar’s handmade carry-ons are best recognised for its innovative blend of traditional and contemporary materials. The clever use of rattan not only holds the weight of your things, but is also a design quirk that lets you easily switch between formal and informal occasions. The latter is made even simpler on the Bucket Bag and Square Tote with their detachable shoulder strap. Whip it on when the shopping gets intense or wear it across to channel a rustic daydream.

Redefining Rattan

Gone are the days we associate rattan with our grandmother’s good ol’ wicker armchair. These jointed stems of palm have seen a re-emergence in our insta-generation, simultaneously embodying the souls of tropical resorts and the chic Parisian girl’s crossbody bag.

Nuttiyar’s founder, and design graduate from Silpakorn University, Nuttiyar ‘Taan’ Ratchatrachenchai, was quick to realise this. While at university, she designed an innovative blueprint to combine traditional craft techniques from the rural tambons (villages in Thailand) into contemporary bag designs.

It’s the little things that matter

Besides already having a selection of colours, patterns and styles to choose from its six variations of bags, Nuttiyar also notices how the smallest details can amplify our personality. Thus, an option to personalise the tassel that comes with each purchase. Its colour ranges from the quietly sophisticated cream to the passionate vigour of red.

Supporting Local

A supporter of local crafting communities in Thailand, Nuttiyar decided to infuse traditional craft techniques into the making of her bags. This led to the most vital step of the bag-making process – having them delicately produced at Ang Thong Province, Thailand. Ang Thong is a province best known for its handicrafts and rich culture (which explains why it is home to the largest sitting Buddha statue in Thailand!). There, local craftsmen interweave proportionate amounts of rattan with lightweight yet durable materials such as linen and canvas before sending them to her home studio.

Spoilt for Choice

The Bucket Bag, Square Tote and Nitto Bag are some products made from this hybridisation of material. The differentiating factor between each product (and the reason we’re torn between choices!) is its functionality. Take the cult favourite Bucket Bag for example, it is small enough for a spontaneous afternoon at the beach yet big enough to fit a 13” notebook if work calls. The Bucket Bag also comes in a mini size for those with a more curated set of necessities.

With every purchase, you’re supporting Nuttiyar to continue creating unconventional yet timeless pieces through traditional craft techniques.

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