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Something Simple

Something simple is more than just a brand. It is a lifestyle, mindset and culture that its founding sister pair has woven into their range of natural cotton canvas products. Simple never means simplistic, and the sisters want all their customers to have Something Simple to go with everything!

They design every product to be the simple, obvious choice for any occasion or intention. Need a case that protects your laptop when you tot it around for school? Why not Something Simple? How about a versatile backpack with cleverly devised compartments for your everyday carry? Something Simple will do!

Designed to Complement

The idea is for every piece to fit in with anything else you wear. Think of “Something Simple” like a canvas for your other fashion accessories and personality to shine through.

The sisters thus take lots of effort to minimise and simplify their designs, always choosing to remove, rather than to add unnecessarily.

Simple geometry and carefully picked colours come together to inspire joy and confidence, allow you to enjoy and cherish being yourself.

Simple Down to the Core

This is why they make every piece with basic materials, like natural cotton canvas. It is an all-natural material that’s often used in heavy-duty situations. Here, the sister duo have refined it to stylish perfection.

They are plain-woven with a unique dye-fixing agent that gives the material its rich and signature colour tones. The shades are thus long-lasting and resistant to de-colourisation. On top of that, delightful accents of natural tanned leather uplift the simple material of every product.

It’s the Little Things You Don’t See

Don’t let their clean designs fool you. There’s a lot more than meets the eye in every bag! Hidden compartments, configurable arrangements and alternate carry styles are just some of the thoughtful innovations that will always delight when exploring and experiencing their bags and cases for the first time.

Round Me Up I Bucket Bag
Day Off Backpack
Bonus Pouch
Get Away Backpack

Thus, at its core, Something Simple values originality beyond all else. The sisters are always looking to innovate new designs that serve lots of functions, whilst staying true to the idea of simplicity.

Grab Something Simple to complement your everyday, whether for work or play!

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