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The Courage to BeFearless

Yoyo (left) and Big (right) manning their pop-up stall in Singapore

Nestled away in the outskirts of metropolitan Bangkok, a young Thai lady inspects a batch of the softest cotton tees in the country. Affectionately known as Yoyo by her family and friends, she’s making sure that each tee spun from her family-owned cotton factory, meet her high standards. After all, every shirt features a custom embroidery of an adorably drawn dog.

“I love my dogs very much. I always wanted to have a shirt that has my dog as its logo, and I’ve done it,” Yoyo describes to us, proudly. “Whenever I wear this shirt with my dog on it, my friends love it and want one for themselves. That’s how I started making shirts for everyone who loves dogs too.”

Yoyo’s brand, BeFearless, is named after her fluffy husky, called “Be”. She wanted her brand to embody the bravery and courage of man’s best friend, giving anyone who wears her clothes the confidence to be fearless when facing the world. “It’s like having a dog with you all the time, wherever you go,” she explains. “Instead of calling my brand ‘brave’ or ‘courage’, I called it BeFearless, because then the brand name will contain the name of ‘Be’, my dog!”

Indeed, Yoyo’s courage and determination to make her brand stand out has made her a perennial favourite at the Chatuchak Market, the world’s largest weekend market. “There are so many other stores that sell dog embroidery shirts. Some are even cheaper than mine,” Yoyo describes to us, with a gentle lisp that belies her strong determination. “I have to think—how can I make it different from all of them?”

She made limited edition designs, each themed after various festivals of the year. The embroidered dogs would sit in front of traditional patterns, or be dressed in cultural costumes. Because she controlled the entire supply chain, from the factory, design and sale of the shirts, BeFearless could come up with and put for sale unique designs quicker than everyone else.

“But it’s not enough to just be different. You want customers to come back.”

The quality of the product leaves a lasting impression on all her customers. The shirts are some of the most comfortable around, stitched with quality that surpass even the branded boutiques in swanky Siam. But perhaps the je ne se quais of BeFearless is the love behind the brand. 

“Every dog is drawn by my mother, whom I love very much. I will do all I can to make sure BeFearless succeeds, for her sake and for the sake of Be.”

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