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Leila Amulets: Super Fashion Superstition

Leila is reinventing the way Thai Amulets, Ta-krut and other lucky charms look.

Leila Amulets is what happens when you take your grandparents’ traditional amulets to the fashion runway. Does it work? Like magic.

Thai amulets have been made, used and worn for generations over thousands of years. Each are believed to grant the bearer blessings, ward off evil, or bring luck and fortune. The problem is, it’s 2019 and such superstitious beliefs are dying out with the younger Thais. You’d be hard pressed to find a millennial wearing one of these.

Powerful amulets? Perhaps. Fashionable? Eh.

Taking the Old to (Fashion) School

Enter Juntra “Jun” Junpitakchai, the chic founder of Leila Amulets. She is completely reinventing the Thai Amulet, rising to a challenge posed by her aunt—can Thai Amulets be fashion pieces?

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The brand’s meteoric rise in Bangkok is proof that it can. You can spot them almost everywhere, from the beach to the skies. At their retail shops, expect crowds and queues.

Revitalising an Intrinsic Part of Thai Culture

Tradition and superstition are deep parts of Thai culture, and Leila Amulets hopes to make it more accessible for everyone. By putting a fashionable spin on these amulets and Ta-kruts, Leila Amulets is breaking down the barriers of skepticism and mild embarrassment that often go along with them in the past.

Ta-krut are tubular amulets and are worn by Thai people for spiritual protection. Now, they’re a great fashion accessory too!

The secret is in striking a careful balance between traditional geometry patterns and avant garde fashion. Jun enhances the unique characteristics of each amulet, giving her amulets an edgier art that is at home both at the altar and on the runway. This way, these lucky charms won’t be seen just as superstitious tokens favoured by the older generation, but as something very much in-trend to flaunt anywhere.

Beyond just making Thai amulets attractive to a new generation of Thai, Leila Amulets are also a gateway for others around the world to appreciate the ancient customs and beliefs of the Thai people. 

How to Buy Leila Amulets

They are not yet available on ShopJJ, but you can use our quick and easy BuyForMe™ service to order them now! Here’s how:

  1. Go to Leila Amulets’ Instagram Page and pick out the piece you want.
  2. Copy the IG URL (web address) and paste it in our BuyForMe page.
  3. Key in the details, make payment, and you’re done!

We will ship your order to you anywhere in the world at shipping rates that are way way cheaper than if you were to buy them yourself elsewhere. How cheap? Shipping rates start from just 3-5 USD for a bracelet, using Thailand Post’s ever reliable ePacket service!

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