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Volve Hotel Bangkok – The Explorers’ Paradise

Volve Hotel is not your typical boutique or designer hotel. It doesn’t just give you a space and bed to sleep. Rather, it wants to inspire your stay in Bangkok. From attentive service to helpful guides in-room, the Volve is the best launchpad for exploring the illustrious neighbourhood of Thonglor.



The Perfect Base for Exploring Thonglor – Bangkok’s Trendiest Neighbourhood


Just a few minutes walk from the Thonglor BTS station, the Volve Hotel sits right at the heart of Thonglor. This is a neighbourhood famous for its young, trendy and hipster vibes. So when you stay at the Volve, you’ll have convenient access to awesome cafés, delicious food and a stunning nightlife. We recommend taking casual strolls around the area – you may stumble upon some hidden gems that will surely make your day!  

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5-Star Service for a Boutique Hotel!

[blockquote author=”” pull=”pullright”]Staff were warm, friendly and spontaneously helpful[/blockquote]The friendly and welcoming staff really impressed us. They accorded us warmth and hospitality that even 5-star hotels strive for. For instance, we had arrived after a tiring red-eye flight the night before. Upon seeing our weary faces, the cheerful receptionist sprung into action and brought us refreshing soda all on the house – that’s even before we checked in! 

It’s the little things, from pointing out a great 24-hour local food joint for supper to an infectious can-do attitude to everything, made us feel incredibly special and pampered at the hotel. 

Inspired Art and Decor




Designers of the Volve’s interior and exterior took inspiration from the heritage houses that used to line the streets of Sukhumvit. They repurposed classic materials like terrazzo and brass and added a modern twist for the Volve. Brass linings in unique, artsy patterns frame the terrazzo steps of the building. Machined brass forming the room numbers peek out from the marble walls on every floor, almost as if to bring guests on a journey through time along the hallways.


The walls also proudly display the masterpieces of local budding artists – adding an artistic and organic touch to the hotel’s interior. This is also a part of the hotel’s philosophy of enhancing the indie community and culture that thrives in thtis neighbourhood.

Indie Heritage Vibes for a Café-Hotel

We’ll forgive you if you thought this were a cosy, hipster cafe rather than a hotel. It’s got a cool indie vibe to it, which makes it perfectly at home with the many delightful cafes in the neighbourhood. We love coffee, so imagine our surprise when the aroma of coffee, not some artificial air freshener, wafted through the lobby air.

It’s all part of the hotel DNA, says Pavee, the owner of the Volve Hotel. They wanted their hotel to also be a place of community sharing. Imagine guests and non-guests alike bringing their laptops or books to work, hang-out or simply enjoy a great cuppa at the lobby. It’s such a conducive space that ended up using it all the time.

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Cosy and Clean Rooms


These rooms are typically what you’d expect at boutique hotels such as the Volve — they’re clean, carefully designed and make excellent use of space. Usually, our top priority is the bed, and ours didn’t disappoint. It was fluffy, comfy and definitely gave us great sleep to recharge for the day. 


We also loved the view! Not all rooms get this, but ours had a lovely tree blossoming with the Thai variety of Sakura flowers.

The bottom line is – a room at the Volve is a great retreat after a long day’s adventure of flea marketing, sightseeing or partying!

Our Verdict


While there are many name-brand hotel options as well as cheaper boutique ones in the area too, the Volve stands out for being the best of both worlds. It’s got stellar 5-star service for a cosy hotel that feels like home. Yet, it’s fostering a sense of community through collaboration and openness that’s a refreshing take on what hotels can be.

If anything, the Volve is your gateway to experiencing the incredible Thai renaissance that’s blossoming in the enchanting district of Thonglor.


Getting to Volve Hotel

Volve Hotel Bangkok Neighbourhood

26/1 Sukhumvit 53, Bangkok 10110
Thong Lo BTS (3 Mins Walk)

Rooms: 28
Starting Rates: USD 80

Tel: 02-000-1000
Volve Hotel – Website | Facebook

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