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Gardens and Dining Fit for Royalty – The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace is an elegant restaurant set within a quaint colonial mansion in the trendy Thonglor neighbourhood. It was once the royal residence of Her Royal Highness Princess Ramphai Prapa. Today, it houses a chic European dining concept, a quaint café, and private rooms upstairs complete with balconies.

It’s easy to see why The Gardens of Dinsor Palace earned its place as one of the Thailand Tatler’s best restaurants in 2015. 

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The Gardens beckons like a sweet old cottage of a lovely fairytale. Graceful swans preen themselves in the pond as pearl-white Indian peacocks strut across lovingly kept gardens. Yet, it never feels pretentious – mostly thanks to its sincere and cheery staff. It’s the perfect setting for both casual afternoon teas or classy dinners. 

Innovative and Scrumptious Food

We dined at the main restaurant for lunch, where their friendly waiter eagerly guided us through a menu almost as sprawling as its gardens.

He pointed out some of the restaurant’s popular choices, such as truffled risotto. But he begged us to try his personal favourite: A “Duck Confit with Crispy Waffle”… with maple syrup to boot. Say what?

It was insanely delicious, unlike anything we’ve tried before. It starts with a burst of crispy sweetness from the waffle that mellows into a smooth and savoury mouthful of flavour. The duck effortlessly peels off the bone, succulent and juicy.  The clash of sweet and savoury diffuses into a harmony of taste and texture.

At the same time, their more traditional truffled risotto is everything you’d expect – springy rice engulfed in a creamy base with spectacular wafts of truffle. Generous portions of juicy wild mushroom are extremely welcome, soaking up the delicate sauce that oozes into your mouth with every bite.

The Coconut Cake All-star

This no ordinary coconut layer cake. It is made fresh every day, in limited portions. The water of at least five whole coconuts go into baking each cake. Its layers are the succulent flesh of young Thai coconut. Topping off this decadent delight is the chef’s special coconut sauce, drizzled generously over every slice of heaven. 

If you can’t already tell, we absolutely LOVE this cake. It’s kind of an insane obsession actually, since we came back at least twice during our for it, and ordered one for takeaway. 

Seriously, if not for everything else, come to the Gardens of Dinsor Palace for this cake. 

The Resident Animals

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace is home to beautiful, exotic animals like a pair of all-white Indian Peacocks, swans, doves and snow bunnies. It might feel a little gimmicky at first, but when you realise that they’re are the actual pets of the Garden’s owners, it just gets cute from there.

From what we see, the animals seem very happy here, and the staff love and care for them like their own. They all have names, and from what we know, they’ve been trying to match-make the two peacocks (to no avail, as of now).


We love the Gardens of Dinsor Palace for its exclusive location, ambiance and coconut cake delicious food. With friendly service to boot, it’s now one of our must-hit stops every time we make a trip to Bangkok! 

Soi Chumbala Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 59 & 61), Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Thong Lo BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 8am to 11pm

Tel: 02-714-2112
The Gardens of Dinsor Palace – Website | Facebook

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