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Children’s Day Gift Guide

You can’t beat the innocence and threshold for playfulness that childhood brings.

That was a time when we coloured our view of the world with our first experiences – from always having our way, to getting scolded for drawing on our mum’s purse (I thought we were supposed to be creative!), to telling our first white lie, and having our first crush.

Things were simpler when we knew less; consequences taught us what to do (or not to do) in future, and we didn’t have a pile of laundry to do. For me, my childhood was a beautiful time and I’d relive it if I could.

This Children’s Day, we hope that its meaning goes more than just a day off school. We want to appreciate not just kids, but the child in all of us. Let’s bring back the honest air of wonder and courage, along with its headaches and rewarding delight.

Thus, we’ve round up a few items (presents!) to do just that!

Porky Studio

There was an article I came across before which explored the relation between picky eaters and the types of different milk formula consumed as young children. Apparently, switching between milk formulas can shape your kid to become more open-minded and receptive to a wholesome diet.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s a hopeless case for older picky eaters! Try Porky Studio’s adorable cutlery because who would resist a little broccoli on such cute utensils? With the minimalism of oak wood to balance out the cuteness in them, they’re admissible on the modern family’s dining table.


Rainy Boy and Rainy Girl T-Shirt
Personalise your shirts with you and your partner’s names!

Arts and crafts are therapeutic, helps stimulate creativity and encourages flow. Check out this tutorial on screen printing on absolutely anything with home supplies. Perhaps you’ll prefer abstract painting to express your feelings?

For inspiration, check out LineCense – a creative collective that manufactures their original illustrations on shirts. Side note, you get to customise your names and wear matching shirts with your loved one this holiday!

Emaley Studio

“Kids these days are always on their phones.” –  if we had those devices back then, we’d probably have done the same so let’s not fault them!

Behind Emaley Studio is self-taught artist, Ema. This one-woman project is a gem amidst a world dominated by mass production.

Before illustrating and hand-crafting phone cases, she designed websites and experimented with fabric and recyclable craft. If you’re interested, you can read more about her here. Oh and something extra – you can personalise each phone case with your name!

Vavavala Tote

Rosewood Pink Tote Bag

At times, our children need a little reminding that a world exists beyond their screens.

Vavavala’s totes are a playful twist to an outfit, making it seem like you lugged your pillow out of bed. Made with an easily washable and durable material, ideal for children (or the kid in you) in case of careless eating and changing weathers. Choose from an assortment of colours that are bound to intrigue anyone to step out of the house just to flaunt them!


Clockwise: Sunny Side Up Socks, Mona Lisa Socks, Space Socks

It is known that the way we dress contributes to the impression that others have of us. However, many of us don’t put socks into the equation. I think they can be considered the heart of an outfit,  revealing the wearer’s personality.

These quirky socks from COMMA are a conversation starter and an absolute choice of gift for a playful character.


Left: Classic Line Bamboo Watch with Leather Strap / Right: Antler Series Bamboo Watch with Leather Strap

Wearing a watch is claimed as one of the habits to success. We’re not sure how true that is but a watch made from bamboo results in a powerful duo. Did you know that some species of bamboo can grow up to 3 feet a day, reaching up to 98 feet in a span of two to three years?

Bornfound’s bamboo watches are great for starters since they aren’t as formal as silver or leather. Being an unconventional material for watches, they emit a subtle charm with any outfit. They’re also available with bamboo straps for the more adventurous.

I don’t think that the kid in us exhausts into flames with time. I think we add on to it, simply becoming more.. responsible children who keep their hands to themselves in public. If you observe closely, you can see the kid in everyone; sometimes in their laugh or in the way they hold their utensils. With that, we wish you a happy children’s day and may the kid in you live on!

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