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Did You Notice Our New Logo?

Embodying Heartmade Thailand

With a heart at its core, and a fresh warm red colour, we think this represents who we are and what we do so much more than what came before!

What is ShopJJ, Anyway?

When was the last time you bought something you actually loved? Not because it was cheap, on discount or because it was a fad; but because it made you happy, and you treasured it for what it was?

We found so many things we really loved in Thailand, and we wanted to share it with all our friends. That’s why we built ShopJJ—to make it possible for everyone to find and buy great products you simply love.

Wearing Our Hearts On Our Sleeves

Our logo is formed by two interlocking “J”s, putting a heart right in the middle. It’s a tribute to all the small brand owners who put their heart and soul into making products we love. It also forms a cross, which honours the strong partnerships we form to make our dreams possible.

Chatuchak? Not Just.

What is JJ? It is not just the local name for Chatuchak. To us, it is JakJai, which means “from the heart” in Thai. It’s our mission to ensure that anything you get on ShopJJ, it comes truly from the heart. So, wherever in Thailand we find heartmade products, we do what we can to bring it specially to you.

ShopJJ You!

Pictured: On & Titione from Second Studio. They are genuine Thai crafts ladies we found and brought on board after seeing how incredible their works are!

Everyone loves differently. So sometimes you might like something we don’t have on our site yet! We want to make ShopJJ open and frank, so you can just reach out and share with us anything awesome you found in Thailand!

We can bring it to you using our BuyForMe service, or we’ll do what we can to bring them on board ShopJJ for everyone else too!

With your help, we can build a new kind of online shopping experience that you’ll love to shop at!

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