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Gift Ideas That Will Win Hearts this Valentine’s!

For the Romantic Pairs

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. 14th February might be the most romantic day of the year for some, but it can also a dreaded nightmare for others. Not to worry – whether you’ve only just started dating, are already married for ten years or still unattached (by choice or otherwise), we’ve got you covered. Nobody should be left out in the season of love!

Cute Matching Tees

These matching couple tees are beyond adorable, both in its original illustrations and as a present for your other half. It’s the ultimate so-sweet-it’ll-give-people-diabetes gift that will have others going green with envy.

After all, more than just a gift, love is about the things you’d do for each other (we know some of you out there won’t be seen dead in this after this obligatory day).

Snazzy Couple Shirts and Blouses

If adorable is not your kind of thing, Issara has a slicker option for you. These long-sleeved shirts that come in matching prints for him and her hits a more serious note – it can even be worn to work with no issues. Score on thoughtfulness and functionality!

Forget Sneakers. Get Proper Shoes.

Matching sneakers are mainstream and boring. Step up your game! Brown Stone shoes come in unisex sizing, which means yes, you can get classic men’s style in female sizing. Or vice versa. Now that’s something to talk about.

Engraved Silver Jewelry

Go timeless with minimalistic accessories from TM Made by Heart. Take your pick from silver bangles, rope bracelets with dangling charms and geometrical rings that are as edgy as they are simple. To make the deal even sweeter, everything is fully customisable!

Physical Vessels for Digital Memories

The perfect vessel for a compilation of behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen photos and videos. Fill these wooden USB drives with botched snapchat videos or unglam shots, memories that belong only to the both of you. You can even engrave your initials on them! Guranteed to score an A for effort.


For the Single and Happy!

For those who are revelling in singlehood – we’re not forgetting about you either! Celebrate your freedom and sanity with presents for yourself and sip on your cocktail as your hysterical friend complains for the hundredth time about how she wishes her beau can be more understanding.

Irresistibly Cute Accessories

Admit it, your heart is melting over the daisies, and the unicorn, and the teeny-tiny cactus. The good news is, you can embrace your inner yearning and put that perching alpaca on your finger if you wish to, because there’s no other half you have to impress. These picks from Tongkorn are all hand painted and designed, making each piece as unique as you are.

Vacation Gear

Sandals checked and sunglasses on. These tops are a staple for tropical vacations. Jet off to a beachy getaway whenever you feel like it while secretly thanking the stars that you don’t have to report to anyone.

Elegant Touches

If you’re single and happy to be that way, treat yourself to a new wallet and watch it get fatter and fatter because, unlike some of your friends, you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on dates and anniversaries. But with Tancraft, their signature slim wallets are engineered to keep your fat notes/cards in a slim package.

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