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Shop Thailand, Worldwide!

Shop Thailand, Worldwide!

Re-introducing ShopJJ – the web’s best place to shop Thailand, worldwide! We’ve picked some of Bangkok’s most forward fashion brands to share with the world. We can’t wait for you to see them!

Over 40 Brands and Counting

Featuring authentic local Thai brands, many of which you can’t easily find outside the Kingdom!

We get down on the ground to find brands and products that we know you’ll love. It has been months of intense dedication forging lasting relationships with our brand partners. All just to get their creations on board for sale.

It’s All About Product Thai

It’s easy to fall in love with Thai products, food, culture, people, places… and the list goes on. We want to celebrate the whole “Thai-ness” of it, the inexplicable charm and magical je ne sais quoi (or Chan Mi Ru?) that drives the passion of the Thai creatives.

TM Made by Heart makes custom jewelry in unique shapes and sizes. Their store at Chatuchak is a tourist favourite, and all pieces are lovingly handmade in Thailand.

We think it’s captured best in the products they make. We’ve seen first hand how a new breed of designers re-invent their generations-old family business into a strikingly chic fashion bag brand. And how a fascination with wood and their natural beauty sparked a quest to master woodworking, turning them into exotic jewelry that brings out the best nature has to offer.

Gleamwood takes jewelry to the next level with wood. Making full artistic use of the natural grain and texture of wood, these crafts are as unique as nature herself.

It’s this level of dedication to quality, identity and innovation that we want to share with you –  and spread the idea that high quality and unique products can come from humble, lesser-known origins.

Shopping ShopJJ

Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy. Perhaps you ran out of time. Perhaps your luggage ran out of space, or your wallet out of baht.

ShopJJ helps you with that. We bring Thai shopping online so you can browse and buy from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere with internet, in fact), and have it shipped directly to your doorstep.

The Whole(sale) Difference

Most of the time, we think wholesale products are dirt cheap, and thus, you get what you pay for. Not with ShopJJ. Here, what you can get wholesale are the same products that our Thai artisans and designers painstakingly create.

Mink is Love is a master at woodworking and carpentry. Besides conducting regular workshops and classes, they make some of the most adorable flash drives out there. Even better, they’re available wholesale too!

This includes unique customisations, etching logos and even custom packaging! It’s authenticity and quality you can’t get elsewhere. So if you’re thinking of mass-buying, perhaps as door gifts for corporate events, go ahead and get them at wholesale prices!

A Growing Catalogue

We may not get you a steaming hot bowl of tom yum kung, but we have the next best thing: a curated range of authentic local labels. Some of these designers used to operate exclusively on online apps – talent that you can’t easily access even if you have the money.

It makes us happy knowing that we’re supporting these emerging designers and validating their craft. And we’re glad to help you get what you want, too!

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