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Do You Really Need to Travel to Shop?

It’s no secret that Bangkok is the top tourist destination in the world (for 3 years running)! But there’s so much more to Thailand than just Bangkok.

When the best Thai brands are online on ShopJJ, doesn’t it more sense to shop online than flying all the way to Bangkok just for that one brand you want?

You know the feeling. “Okay. Next trip, we’ll explore somewhere different,” you tell yourself, as you ‘explore’ Platinum Mall for the Nth time. But that’s what you told yourself last time. And the time before that!

We know, we know. Bangkok is indeed a shopping haven, and it’s hard to get away from that retail addiction. But what if you could do your Bangkok shopping spree online? That’d free up many more days for day trips out of the city, or even change your itinerary entirely!

Shop Thailand Online with ShopJJ

ShopJJ features only the most authentic brands from Thailand, and not just any brand.

ShopJJ has picked the best heartmade fashion and food products from Thailand, and made them available online. With our partnerships with Thailand Post and DHL, you’ll get worldwide shipping even for brands that don’t normally ship outside of Thailand! It makes so much more sense than flying all the way to Bangkok just to shop that one brand you want.

Thai Brands Handpicked by Shoppers for Shoppers

Unlike nearly everyone else, we are very picky about which brands we feature on ShopJJ. That’s because we choose only the most authentic, genuine and creative brands. That means that everything on ShopJJ is as authentic as it gets, so you can be sure there’s no counterfeit, no white labelling and no scams.

How brands make the cut on ShopJJ:

  1. Brands must be owned by local Thai designers
  2. Products must be fully assembled or made in Thailand
  3. No re-labelling of products from other countries
  4. Brand is reliable and has a consistent track record

Buy for Me Anything from Thailand!

If there’s a brand you want but it’s not (yet) on ShopJJ, we can buy it for you! Simply use our unique BuyForMe™ service which makes shopping for literally anything you want in Thailand incredible easy and reliable. Plus, anything bought using ShopJJ’s BuyForMe™ service benefits from our popular and reliable shipping services, so you get the best of all worlds.

The Best Shipping Rates Anywhere

Our partnerships with Thailand Post and DHL mean that you get some of the lowest shipping rates around, even for our exclusive BuyForMe™ service! And because we handle it all for you, you can be assured of reliable tracking and great after-sales service. No need to worry about dealing with individual sellers and complicating matters!

Time to Enjoy Your Holiday!

ShopJJ is partnering with Klook at the Klook Thai Open House, where you’ll get to sample the adventures and shopping that Thailand has to offer!

Leave behind the painful hustle at Platinum Mall, Pratunam, Chatuchak and the like. Ditch the ritualistic hoarding of Thai snacks and packet tea at Big C. You can do all of that online, anytime and anywhere.

Instead, start planning actual holidays of discovery and delight! Spend days learning about their incredible culture, and enjoying their incredible landscapes. When you’re not pressured to buy, buy and buy, you can truly enjoy Thailand for all it’s magical wonder.

Get Travel Inspiration!

Check out Klook’s many travel itineraries around Thailand, our partner for the Klook Thai Open House in Singapore! If you’re reading this in Singapore, you can head down to Plaza Singapura from 21 to 26 May to get a hands-on experience of all the travelling you could do in Thailand when you choose to shop online instead! There are up to 45 free trips to be won, workshops to attend, and lots of food and authentic shopping too!

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