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Thailand-in-a-Snack: Uniquely Thai Snacks You’ve Got to Try!


Thais take special pride in their food. It is, after all, an iconic part of their culture. But with modern trends transforming the eating habits of young Thais (and the world), they’ve innovated delightful treats full of Thai flavour and inventiveness!

For the Netflix and Munchies

Taotong Roller Seasoned Cuttlefish


You know it—that unmistakable aroma of grilled cuttlefish wafting through the busy streets of Yaowarat and the like… now packed and sealed for indulgence on the couch! A word of caution – these thinly cut cuttlefish are highly addictive! You’ll catch yourself reaching for another pack within the first episode.

The Goldgreen Tom Yum Mini Rice Cookies


Light, crunchy and tom yum?! Sounds (tom)yummy! Pun aside, these tom yum cookies are satisfying when you’re not ready to commit to a whole bowl of tom yum goong.

Koh-Kae Peanut Barbecue Flavour


Koh Kae’s peanuts are light and evenly coated with barbecue seasoning to achieve a perfect savoury crunch. Also available in wasabi, chicken and coconut cream.

For the Mid-day Sweet Treats

Glico Giant Caplico


Just holding Glico’s Giant Caplico makes you feel like you’re in a dystopian world because it will never melt. Taste wise, they could be compared to astronaut ice-cream – airy and crunchy!

Koala’s March Mango Cream


These little biscuits were an elementary school staple… but in a funky mango flavour!  You’ll catch yourself mindlessly popping one after another to replenish the subtle taste of mango tanginess! Also available in Chocolate Banana.

Q-life Durian Milk Tablet


Don’t judge a food by its packaging; these tablets may be small but they pack a punch larger than you’d imagine. For anyone looking to step into the realm of durian, this is a good first step.

For the #fitspos (Health Conscious)

Greenday Mixed Vegetable Chips


Greenday’s range of dried chips are a healthier and tastier alternative to potato chips for that extra individual flavour. Whether it’s vegetable or fruit, it’s something new with every dip into the bag. Available in many assorted flavours!

Kunna Oven-baked Crispy Coconut


Kunna’s “snacks made healthy” series don’t compromise on flavour. Take the oven-baked coconut for example. It’s comparably lighter than regular chips, but every crunch is bursting with that tropical coconut-ty richness!

Fruit King Dried Mangosteen


Craving a snack on non-cheat days? Fruit King’s dried fruits are the way to go. Our favourite is the Mangosteen—they’re made with 100% mangosteen and freeze dried to preserve its natural sweetness with that satisfying crunch! Also available in mango, durian, rambutan and jackfruit!

For the Adventurous

Hiso BBQ Flavoured Crispy Silkworm


You’ve heard the stories. Seen the viral videos. It’s true! Insects are not only eaten, they’re actually delicious and nutritious. Silkworms contain a high source of calcium, protein and vitamin B groups, just to name a few. Perhaps more an experiment than casual snack for first-timers, they’re roasted in smokey barbeque flavour for that extra kick in this protein-rich snack. Also available as small crispy crickets.

Tasto Pla Sam Rod Flavoured Potato Chips


Three-flavoured fish (Pla Sam Rod) flavour in potato chips? That’s something special! What’s better is that Tasto is a home-grown potato chip brand, so the potatoes themselves are uniquely Thai. They’re chunkier and more wholesome than other brands we’ve tried! Tasto’s got a wide variety of flavours. Try them all!

Chaosua Khao Tan with Pork Floss


If you’re tired of potato, why not try fried sticky rice (Khao Tan)? This indulgently addictive snack is bathed generously in fluffy pork floss that melts in your mouth with every bite. When we say addictive, we mean it. It’s one of our favourite office snacks! Also available as crispy rice crackers in spicy, tom yum or classic pork floss flavours.

Enjoy Thai Flavours Anywhere!

Thailand is a gastronomic haven for flavours of every kind. From street-side delights to dishes fit for royalty, Thai food has a distinct characteristic found nowhere else. With Aroi Mart on ShopJJ, you’ll get a taste of Thailand, quite literally, conveniently, and deliciously too!

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