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You Don’t Need Valentine’s to Be Sweet and Romantic!

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep your romantic streak going. Love isn’t a one-day affair, and your better half will thank you for it. And if you’re from the Eastern side of the world, the upcoming White Day is a great excuse to get some of these lovey dovey gifts!

Etched to Last Forever

Add a personal and meaningful touch to your gift when everyone else is getting store-bored. Only because you know love deserves gifts from the heart.

Customised Silver Jewelry

Keep it real and meaningful. Engrave a bracelet, ring or charm for you and your better half. We absolutely love TM Made by Heart’s clean and sweet designs that look good on him and her.

Engraved Wooden USB Drives

Put all your precious memories in a pocket drive you can keep forever. Or make your own private ‘mixtape’ instead of sending a Spotify playlist. You can even carve your name on these wooden USB drives—kinda like the old days when couples etched names on the bark of trees…

Labelled Luggage Tags & Lanyards

One for you, one for your life-travel-soul-mate. You can put his and her names on matching luggage tags, keychains or lanyards (great for the office!).

Art Silk Scarves

Scarves feel just like portable hugs. It’s something intimate you’d only want to share with your loved ones.

Treasured Friendships

You don’t need to be in love to celebrate relationships. Especially when some of the best relationships are found amongst your friends. Treasure them, and celebrate them!

Quirky Earrings and Adorable Socks

You know it’s true: your best friends are those who don’t judge your weirdness. In fact, they even join in with you! (By the way, check out why we think socks really make the perfect gift!)

When Something Simple Will Do

Ever tried asking your friends what they want as a gift, and they just say “ahh something simple will do”. Well, now you can actually get them Something Simple, and a (lame) gag along with it!

For Those Single and Rocking It!

Relationships? Pfft. If you want to  introvert the $#@! out of this lovey-dovey season, we’ve got your back too.

With Cash to Spare

Arguably the best part of being single is how fat your wallet is (relatively). If you’ve got cash to spare, why not treat yourself to something really nice from these classic, premium brands from Bangkok’s most influential designers?

New Kicks for Work & Play

A good, stylish pair of shoes go a long way in leaving a great impression. These kicks from Brown Stone or Mustard have got quality and comfort covered!

Leave a Lasting Impression

Look great for no one else but you! Bangkok’s premium cosmetics label Lecos debuts worldwide on ShopJJ! Its waterproof formula stays on for hours—just like your lasting impression.

Just for Fun!

Whatever it is you’re doing this Valentines, here are some things you could always get for yourself, friends or better half just for the fun of it!

Snacks and Tasty Treats

Snacks for a night of Netflix and Chill (or Amazon Prime and Wine).

A Gift for Your Best Communicator

Cute, stylish and beautifully illustrated phone cases for the device you interact with the most every day!

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