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10 Tips to Survive Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chinese New Year is all about family reunions, visiting, food eating, mahjong playing and everything to do with happiness, fun and prosperity. But it’s also just the occasion to humblebrag about the kids getting straight A’s, job promotions and extravagant weddings. As much as your well-meaning aunt is curious about you, it can get too intense having your life achievements examined under a barrage of intrusive interrogation. Especially the dreaded, “when are you getting married?”

Here’s how you can impress your relatives and fend off tricky questions.

Distract them with Chamniii

Awe them with stories as exotic as the prints on your Hawaiian Pineapple Shirt! Impress upon them the idea that you are too busy visiting exotic paradise after exotic paradise to deal with life. Furthermore, the pineapple is a symbol of wealth and luck – no wonder pineapple tarts are hot in demand every Chinese New Year.

Embrace Your Culture

With this Dog Printed Shirt from Rizhon, not only will you earn nods of approval for being so sporting in the Year of the Dog, but you’ll get to zone out and start counting the canines on your shirt to signal the end of the conversation when the topic steers into unwelcomed territory.

Show Proof of Your Relationship Status

On the surface, Issara’s Original Red Scotch Shirt looks every bit appropriate for the occasion with its versatile style and playful red streaks. But when the inevitable questions on your relationship status start pouring in, you can proudly state its dual function as a couple shirt complete with picture proof and save yourself the explanation.

Deck Yourself in Red

There are multiple perks in wearing Dat Clothing’s Chino Shorts in red. Firstly, you’ll be kept cool in the humidity. Secondly, you can wear a red shirt with this to show your determination in attracting the God of Wealth. We’re just kidding. Throw on a plain, button-down shirt and hopefully, you’ll look so heartbreakingly handsome that your aunts will be too busy swooning to ask about your non-existent PhD.

Don’t Forget the Gold

Dazzle everyone with an exquisite pair of earrings from Mizuchol that checks all the right boxes: shiny, golden and conspicuous. Definitely luck-attracting material. When approached with tricky questions, change the topic by reciting a poem on how “fallen leaves herald the renewal of autumn”, inspired by, of course, your very own ear candy.

Go Regal

As the saying goes: tough times don’t last. You can simply decide to handle sensitive questions with the same grace and elegance to match Sabaijit’s Red Floral Linen Dress. Usher in a prosperous year with auspicious red blooms that are not too over the top. It’s made of fabric from Jim Thompson too! Just saying that name is sure to evoke pseudo-knowing nods of approval.

Look on the Bright Side of Life

If red apparels are too much, then the Pomely Clutch Bag from The Sleeveless Garden is just the thing for you. From high tea to cocktail dinner to girl’s night out to even obligatory Chinese New Year gatherings, this little beauty is nothing short of a star and will change the questions from “where can ah girl find a good boyfriend” to “where can I get myself one of those?”

Lucky Colours are Everything

The first day of Chinese New Year falls on a Friday, which means you’ll get to use Madmatter’s Friday Mongkol Bag, which is red! Take this opportunity to educate your relatives about the importance of a lucky colour for every day of the week before they can educate you on getting married.

Pretend to be Too Busy for Questions

Or perhaps there’s no need for pretence. With a tote as soft and roomy as this from All & Sundry, you’d be too busy filling it with ang pao’s, ba kwa, or mandarin oranges. Since you’re at it, I’m sure no one will notice if you try to put your cousin’s adorable new puppy inside too.

Resort to Bribery

If all else fails, prepare a few Dog Wooden USB Flash Drive from Mink’s to give out so as to buy yourself a safe passage and respite from the incessant queries into your personal life. But first, keep a few for yourself – it’s Year of the Dog after all! Who can resist such an adorable and functional gift?

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