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How to Wear Thai Wrap Pants

Learn how to rock Hello Goodbye’s incredible Thai wrap pants in a few easy steps! Traditional Thai wrap pants are one large piece of cloth that’s been worn traditionally since ages ago. It can be a little intimidating the first time you try it. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rocking them on the beach or the streets in no time!

Step 1: Securely Tie One End Around Your Waist

Thai wrap pants have two ends—the front and the back. It doesn’t matter which end you pick, but for aesthetics, tie the front end first (the one without the tag). Make sure this is end is tied securely. This is the tie that will hold the pants in place when you visit the bathroom.

Step 2: Rotate the Pants Round

The knot will end up at your back, and you should end up with a whole bunch of fabric in front of you.

Step 3: Push the Loose Fabric Between Your Legs

You should be left with fabric and two more strings hanging down the front. This is the back of your pants. Push the fabric through and pull it round the back so the strings end up in front of you. To keep a clean look, make sure the knot at the back is covered.

Step 4: Tie and Secure the Final Strings, and You’re Done!

Make sure the fabric isn’t bunched up, and bring the strings from the back around your waist. Just like Step 1 all over again, bring the strings round your waist, and tie a secure knot. That’s it! You’ve successfully worn the traditional Thai wrap pants, and you’re ready to wow your friends!

Tips and Tricks

How do I visit the toilet?

Video coming soon!

It’s very simple. Undo the front knot (Step 4) and hold onto the strings. Carefully grab the fabric in front at your knees for each leg. Then, simply pull out and up from the front, whilst releasing the strings as you do so. You’ll end up with a lot of fabric in front of you, which you can hold onto as you visit the restroom. Then, simply repeat Step 3 and 4 to tie your pants back!

Adjust pants length

Pants end up being too long? You can easily adjust the length by twisting the strings around a few times before tying them in Step 1. Remember the number of twists you make here, because you will need to repeat it for Step 4 to make sure the length is balanced.

Wrap the pants backwards for another style

You can wear these pants another way too by skipping Step 2 entirely! This means you will have to pull the lose fabric up from between your legs from the back to the front. Then, the final knot in Step 4 will be tied behind you. You’ll get a look that’s cleaner on the front, with the open pleats being at the back instead.

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