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Dress It Up Any Season

Dress It Up Any Season!

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you must wear holiday-themed clothes. Our picks for the season are the sort you can sport any time of the year!

Hello Goodbye

The ubiquitous “Thailand Pants” (also known as Elephant Pants, Aladdin Pants or Harem Pants) are the Asian holiday goers’ go-to outfit. And for good reason too—they’re incredibly comfortable, cover up nicely, and sport a myriad of patterns that blend right in whether you’re visiting a temple or a mall.

Hello Goodbye is one of the original “Thailand Pants” brands from Bangkok, having made many of these for generations. In recent years, its youthful owners have infused contemporary styles and designs—taken from local Thai artists—and woven them into their latest range of Thailand Pants.

You know what? Wear them outside of Asia for that funky boho chic that’ll draw the envy and eyes of your friends.


Issara, meaning freedom in Thai, draws inspiration from the simple beauty behind minimalist architecture. Think clean white buildings with wooden floors, or a peaceful zen garden. Naturally, the Issara’s three founders are architects. It’s easy to see why these shirts are so well constructed, with smart lines that flatter the Asian physique.

If you’re looking to dress it up this holiday season, consider an architecturally designed shirt from Issara. With matching styles for ladies and gentlemen, it’s the perfect getup for an insta-worthy night out.


Tie-dye shirts get a modern twist with Matjaiyom’s handmade collection. Another classic fashion style from Thailand, tie-dyed clothing have been a hot holiday favourite for years. They are made by tying clothes in special knots, and dropping traditional ink (usually indigo) at specific spots to achieve the desired pattern.

Sounds simple, but to achieve the perfect styles like Matjaiyom does, a lot of pre-planning goes into every tie-dyed cotton shirt.

Matjaiyom’s loose-fitting, tie dyed variations are adorned with just enough abstraction for versatility—match ‘em with shorts for a laid-back sunny afternoon or a pair of bell bottoms for a day-to-night eclectic festival.


Linecense turns basic tees into one-of-a-kind pieces that never fail to attract a smile or two. What makes it so arresting are the creative doodles and original illustrations from the founding duo, Terng and On. These illustrations reflect life’s daily moments, turning the mundane into special events of fond memories. It’s especially magical (and adorable) with the couple series!

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