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Why Socks are Simply the Best

Who’d ever think a pair of socks are the best gifts anyone could receive? Well, it depends on what stage in life you’re at. As a kid, we hated receiving socks with a passion—who could want something so useless? But as we grew older, it’s almost something you hope Santa would stuff in your stocking. In other words, the moment you feel joy receiving socks, it becomes official—you’re an adult.

Now, why is that?

Fresh Socks Are So Satisfying!

Like a cool shower after a long day, fresh bedsheets or bursting bubble wrap—the sheer satisfaction of putting on a fresh pair of socks are one of life’s greatest pleasures. On cold days, they keep our toes cozy, and add a blanket of fluffiness when we stick them in our stuffiest shoes. New socks remind us that the finest pleasures are really quite simple.

You Miss Them Most When They’re Gone

Think about when you pull out your sock drawer to find that you haven’t got any clean sets left. Or when one gets lost in the laundry. When a hole starts ripping at the heels, or when the elastic band loses its snappiness. When we forget to pack them on our holidays.

When you take socks away, we long for their comfort like a baby missing the bosom of its mother. Except its our calloused feet longing for the freshness of a new pair of socks. Socks are the sort of thing you never think about daily, but when they’re gone, they’re all you ever worry about.

The Adult-quality Gift

Think about the last time you bought a pair of socks. Did you feel the annoyance and nonsensicality of spending your hard-earned money on simple fabric wraps for your feet? Like eating your veggies, you know you need them, you just rather not. So, you end up putting it off for months, trying to make do with whatever pairs you still have left.

In the adult world of gift-giving, one rule rings true: gift things your friends or family are unlikely to buy for themselves. Oftentimes, it’s a luxury item they would never splurge on, so you do it on their behalf. This applies to socks. They’re a daily necessity that almost everyone seems reluctant to spend money on until they absolutely have to. As a gift, you take away this ‘irresponsibility’, and gift loved ones something truly useful they’ve secretly wanted for so long.

The Ideal Platonic Gift

They always say it’s the thought that counts—but what thought exactly? In this age where almost everything you do can get scrutinised to the point of ridicule, choosing the right gift becomes almost as hard as choosing the name for your firstborn.

Socks, are thus the ideal platonic gift in times of good cheer. They are cheap, universal, necessary and fun if you know what you’re doing. Even as an ordinary everyday piece of clothing, socks embody the enduring comfort of home and security, all without unnecessary drama of unintended connotations.

Throw in those with the adorable or goofy prints, and you’ve got platonic gifts full or personality! And you know the inner child in every adult will simply adore them.

You Need Socks

Socks are the bomb. When you’re at that stage of life, you realise how much you need good pairs of socks. You are unlikely to last a week without wearing socks. Going for a jog? Socks. Attending a business meeting or simply heading to work? Socks. New shoes? You better have them socks. These foot sheathes absorb your sweat, keep away foul odours and prevent painful blisters.

Mmm… socks.

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