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Why You Can Never Have Too Many Totes

Why You Can Never Have Too Many Totes

“Tote” means “to carry” and true to its name, when thinking of a tote bag, it’s not hard to picture a spacious, unfailing carryall. Even on the days you refuse to step out of the house without seemingly bringing half of your entire possessions with you, there’s always space for more somehow.

Hell, you could even tote your prized furkid around in one. Here’re five reasons why you can never have too many totes:

1 – It can be used for anything

And I mean, anything. It’s perfect for both work and school, for getting the groceries, or going to the beach. It’s a fuss-free companion for your next gym class, shopping spree or holiday trip. The list goes on.

Da Monkey Be Fine

Technically any bag can carry anything, but not all can do it well. Check out Da Monkey Be Fine for their sweet and affordable collection – the perfect throw-it-on tote that’s great to look at whilst minimal enough you don’t think twice about using it to the fullest.

The Sleeveless Garden

But if you really want to stand out, go for the Canaly Tote from The Sleeveless Garden for a that luxe getup that says everything about your style, whilst still carrying anything you throw at it.

2 – There’s lots of room

You know, to bring out a portable charger for your phone, a portable charger for your camera, and a portable charger for your portable chargers. What can we say, it’s tough living in the 21st century.

All & Sundry

When it comes to capacity, the Twin Tote series from All & Sundry won our hearts with its double compartment design. Organisation AND space. Yay to more room!

3 – Re-usable

It’s a widely known fact that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and awfully detrimental to the environment (see here, here and here). Tote bags, on the other hand, can do everything a plastic bag does – and more: It’s re-usable, it’s beautiful, and it’s durable.

Now if you compare plastic bags and totes side-by-side, a tote does take more resources to make. So, totes need to be reused for it to offset that environmental impact. We don’t think that’s too difficult, especially when your tote looks great and is well-built. It’s even greener when your tote is made with recycled materials!

Madmatter Store

We love how Madmatter maintains environmental responsibility by turning unwanted shirts into unique, limited-edition totes. They’re gorgeous and incredibly durable too, which basically means you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of them, and won’t go out of style during your 100th trip to the grocery.

4 – It’s a fashion statement

Nobody said you can’t turn that path from your house to the train station into your very own runway. Where there’s people, there’s always an audience. A moment not used to flaunt your impeccable taste in fashion is a moment wasted, no?

This is where Artwork by Pom comes in with its clean and contemporary pieces.

Artwork by Pom

Or, complete your louche loungewear a la 1920s Coco Chanel with Vavavala Tote.

Vavavala Tote

5 – Win at social media

It’s all about the details – the right tote can make even a T-shirt and shorts ensemble look good on the ‘gram. Time to gather the entire gang and get matching totes because #squadgoals.

Mori Bag

Keep collecting those likes with Insta-worthy prints and bold colours from Mori Bag! That on top of the five compelling reasons to tote a tote!


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