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Thai Brands You Can’t Miss at Artbox Singapore 2018!

Come discover these incredible Thai brands and designers in person at Artbox Singapore! You’ll get a chance to feel and engage with the products for yourself. Many brands are bringing their latest collections too, so it’s a great opportunity for you to go check them out!

Free Shipping to Singapore

And especially for this year’s Artbox season, you can get FREE SHIPPING to Singapore for all products sold here on ShopJJ! Just head down to Artbox Singapore 2018, visit any of these booths, and take note of the coupon code to get free shipping!

Spend $50, Win Plenty!

Also, if you spend above S$50 at any of these brands, you could win up to S$2,000 worth of prizes, including a designer 3D2N stay at Volve Hotel‘s deluxe corner room with breakfast in Bangkok!


Booth 230 | Weeks 1 & 2

Chamniii’s incredibly soft and silky smooth summer tops are the answer to staying cool (literally and figuratively) in sunny Singapore! What makes them so special? Chamniii uses a superior thread count of soft Thai cotton and other fabric blends that stand out from the competition. Trust us, it feels like like Egyptian cotton sheets you can wear.


Booth 267 | Week 1 only

“Mizu” and “Chol” both mean water in Japanese and Thai. Drawing inspiration from the unpredictability of water, Mizuchol explores different forms of femininity through expert craftsmanship and premium materials. Every design revolves around the theme of nature, from the migration of paradise birds to the blissful sounds of the sea.


Booth 267 | Week 2 Only

Whimsical, pretty and irresistible! Reindeer’s iPhone cases are completely handmade, to the whims and fancy of its passionate and imaginative designers. Reindeer’s pure driving force is to bring joy and delight to everyone, and what better way to do it than through everyone’s most personal everyday device!

Mori Bag

Booth 272 | Week 1 Only

Mori Bag reinvents the minimal, basic tote with a myriad of creative fabric prints. Each tote tells a different story. The brand focusses its designs on naturalism – a tribute and reminder to the beauty of our world. Through its totes, Mori embraces the simplicity of life and turns them into unique and delightful artpieces you can carry.

Try Me & TM Made by Heart

Booth 272 | Week 2 Only

Anything is possible with Try Me’s imaginative collection of accessories! Individually hand painted on gold or brass settings – Try Me evokes child-like wonder and delight in every piece. The brand philosophy is to never shy from trying – and it’s what drives its innovative designer Miz to pull off incredibly designs inspired from fluffy rainbow cakes to dainty haute couture.

Embroiderer Bangkok

Booth 196 | Week 2 Only

A family enterprise, backed by generations of rich embroidery experience and heritage. Quality speaks for itself through intricate embroidery designs and premium leather materials, brought to life with seasoned skills and expertise. The brand seeks to balance elements of understated luxury with a reasonable tag.


Booth 198 | Week 1 Only

Distinguished by quirky illustrations of ordinary objects, Vavavala brings joy to the community with striking and adorable phone cases. All artwork under the brand is designed and produced in-house. Choose happiness—dress your phone up with bold colours and childlike innocence!

Da Monkey Be Fine

Booths 209 & 210 | Week 2 Only

Da Monkey Be Fine is noted in the local scene for its skilful manipulation of intricate lace and crochet patterns, reviving rustic prints and exquisite textures. Inspired by the global movement to save our environment, Da Monkey Be Fine replaces the use of plastic bags with one handmade tote at a time.

Porky Studio

Booth 219 | Weeks 1 & 2

The elegance and earthiness of wood cutlery meets pinch-me-silly cuteness with Porky Studio! Using modern laser-etching techniques to precisely burn in adorable animals on cutlery made with traditional wood binding techniques. Bring delight to the kitchen table, or just as whimsical décor anywhere!


Booth 239 | Weeks 1 & 2

Bornfound.w adheres to the ideals of simplicity, naturality and elegance. Its signature line of wooden watches is hand-made using the finest and most durable natural bamboo, giving every piece a unique earthen texture and quality that can be truly yours.


Booth 248 | Weeks 1 & 2

Bold, young and street. Show up on the streets of Siam sporting one of these, and you’ve got cred. Moonset is more than its distinctively bold yellow badge on all its items. It makes waves with its clever and practical use of canvas and tarpaulin – incredibly durable everyday items that the young designers of Moonset transformed into chic everyday streetwear.

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