Have you got an awesome brand selling unique, quality products from Thailand?

Then you should sell with us!

Reach The World

You can sell to ShopJJ’s extensive audience of twenty-something fashion lovers all over the world. We have viewers and shoppers from almost every continent around the globe!

Worry-Free Global Delivery

Stop worrying about shipping and logistics! ShopJJ helps to deliver your products to your customers worldwide. You just need to focus on making great products!

Easy Online System

Track your orders, receive payments and manage your products and stocks all from a powerful, easy-to-use online system! And we always have staff on hand to help you if you get any problems.

Simple Wholesales

If you’re able to sell wholesale, ShopJJ makes it simple and easy for you and your customers! Our system automatically adds bulk discounts, so you don’t need to always worry over complex bulk orders.

Great Content For You

We help you to tell your brand story. Through write-ups, photographs and stories, you don’t need to worry about English content. Our editors and translators have got you covered!

No Sign Up Fees!

Joining ShopJJ is absolutely free! There are no upfront payments to be a part of ShopJJ. In fact, there’s no risk to apply – if you have yet to sell your products internationally, start by joining us now!

Let's Get StartedIf you meet these requirements, you can get started right away!

You’re From Thailand

As long as you’re based in Thailand, and your business operates from Thailand, we welcome you to join us! However, if you are from Bangkok or the Greater Bangkok area, it would be easier for us to get started. 


Your Products are Made in Thailand

It doesn’t need to be 100% from Thailand. As long as most of it is from Thailand, or all the pieces are fully assembled and made in Thailand, then your products are what we’re looking for!


Your Products are Unique

Say you’ve got something different from everyone else out there. Or you make things in a special way. Or you simply have your own identity. As long as you didn’t copy someone else, or aren’t simply a distributor for another brand, we welcome you!

ShopJJ takes a very strong stance against intellectual property infringement, and we have a zero tolerance policy for copied and counterfeit brands.


Have Great Photos

ShopJJ believes in the quality of your products, and want to use great photos to show them off! That’s why you will have to follow our Photography Guidelines whenever you post a product on ShopJJ. If you need help taking great photos, we can help!

Ready to Sell with ShopJJ?

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Brand Showcase

Check out some of the Thai brands selling on ShopJJ. As of spring 2018, we have over 100 authentic Thai brands selling with us!

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