About ShopJJ

Chatuchak & Everything Bangkok!
ShopJJ is the site-to-go for Chatuchak and all things Bangkok! We trawl the sprawling sois of this great city and its world-famous market to find and share all that we can with you, right here in one place.

Who We Are
We’re a team of close friends who love great design, a good story and lots of coffee. That’s probably because we started out as brand consultants and designers at a boutique firm that we built ourselves, many many years ago.

We worked hard and got to a point where we could give ourselves little vacations, and the first one was none other than Bangkok. And that changed everything. We fell in love with the city and kept going back every time we had the chance. We were filled with wonder and amazement (and sometimes confusion, because, you know, ShopJJ didn’t exist yet). So one day, at our usual coffee haunt (read: Starbucks), one of us looked up from his cuppa cappuccino and mouthed the words, “If only we could share what we know about our trips to Bangkok…”

And that’s when we all thought, “Well… why the hell not?”

Why We're Doing This
We love Bangkok. There’s just so much about it that’s special, which is no wonder it’s consistently been the top 5 cities in the world for tourists!

“We want to make it easier for everyone to find all you need (and never knew you needed) in one place”

But it’s also so difficult to understand! Language barriers notwithstanding, the sprawling city is teeming with sights and sounds that’s often just too much to handle.

We remember back in the day when we started planning our first trips to Bangkok — it was such a pain to create itineraries that were actually worth going for. Information was scattered and scarce, we had to go with it blind.

That’s why we’re doing this. We wanted a beautiful site that makes it easy for everyone to find all you needed (and never knew you needed) about this wondrous city. It’s our mission to make it incredibly easy to visit, explore and shop Bangkok, Chatuchak and its many hidden gems!

Why Chatuchak?
Being the world’s largest flea market, Chatuchak is one massive labyrinth of sights and sounds.

“Many don’t realise just how good the products you can find at Chatuchak are…”

But believe it or not, there’s so much in there that’s just so good. Like brilliantly hand-crafted jewelry. Stylish shirts. Antiques you’d never thought you’d ever be able to buy again, ever. The list doesn’t end. It’s really quite an eye-opener because you’d never expect the kind of quality and uniqueness in the items you’ll find there.

Also, these shop owners are entrepreneurs in their own right. They are designers, fashionistas, budding artists… working hard at making an honest living (and in style, too!) If anything, Chatuchak is a community of imagination and intrigue. But the strangest thing? People don’t really know about all of that! Many don’t realise just how good the products you can find at Chatuchak are in terms of quality, price and design.

That’s why we came together to build ShopJJ, a space and platform where the world can discover these secrets of Chatuchak and the people who make it what it is.