10 Must Eat at Artbox Bangkok, Chatuchak

Artbox is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! This time, Artbox is right at Chatuchak itself, and it’ll will be around for an awesome 7 whole months! Expect the stalls to change, so check our site regularly to stay up to date!

For now, here are 10 mouthwatering foods we love at Artbox Bangkok 2016. Be sure to try them before they’re gone!

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#1 – Grilled Cheese Scallops

Artbox Bangkok - Grilled Cheese Scallops

by Oh My Clam
Blowtorched juicy scallops with cheese and special Thai sauce. Only 99 baht!


#2 – Grilled Pork Rice

Artbox Bangkok - Grilled Pork Rice

by Piggy Chilli Pepper
Freshly grilled pork with fragrant Thai rice, paired with a special Thai chilli sauce. Only 70 baht!

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#3 – Spicy Boat Noodles

Artbox Bangkok - Spicy Boat Noodles

by TumkaTiew
Spicy noodles with cheese, minced pork and soft boiled eggs. Mmmm! Only 79 baht!


#4 – Italian Soda

Artbox Bangkok - Italian Soda

by CHAMAA Cafe
6 unique toppings with over 8 different soda flavours. It’s absolutely refreshing! Only 40 baht!

#5 – Ice Blended Glazed Strawberry

Artbox Bangkok - Ice Blended Glazed Strawberry

by Diamond Glace
Freshly glazed strawberry, choose from 4 different berries. They’re all natural and made right before your eyes. Only 89 baht!


#6 – Melon & Sea Salt Ice Cream

Artbox Bangkok - Melon & Sea Salt Ice Cream

by Candy Balloon
2 tone melon and sea salt vanilla caramel with cotton candy and roasted marshmallow. From 79 baht!


#7 – Northern Thai Food

Artbox Bangkok - Northern Thai Food

by Gum Gin
Authentic spicy northern Thai food. Be spoiled with a wide variety of choice. From 70 baht!

#8 – Grilled Deep-Fried Dough Stick

Artbox Bangkok - Grilled Deep-Fried Dough Stick

by Patongko Wisawa
It looks like charcoal, but it’s actually piping hot, deep fried rice dough fritters with a generous serving of condensed milk dashed with Ovaltine powder. With over 10 different toppings to choose from, this is one unique, sweet-savoury snack for sure! Only 60 baht!


#9 – Bloody Shot

Artbox Bangkok - Bloody Shot

by Calendar Bistro
Perfect for that halloween-esque selfie… The best way to drink “blood”. Choose from 3 delicious flavours. Only 35 baht!


#10 – Premium Beef Steak Bites

Artbox Bangkok - Premium Beef Steak Bites

by Barbie and Bottle
Freshly grilled pepper beef steak as a snack! Don’t be fooled: they’re tender, soft and absolutely tasty, holding their own against full bodied steaks you’ll find at restaurants! Only 180 baht!

Artbox Bangkok @ Chatuchak

Artbox Bangkok Location Map

Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station – Exit 1
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
30th September 2016 to 26th March 2017 (ENDED)
12pm to 11pm

The best way to Artbox is by taking the MRT and alighting at Kamphaeng Phet Station. You can also take a taxi direct to the market if you are heading there after 8pm as the traffic will be much better.

The best time to visit Artbox is during the evening from 5pm to 9pm when it’s more cooling. Some shops do not open in the early afternoon too. And remember to come with an empty stomach!

Don’t forget to head to Chatuchak Weekend Market or JJ Green Night Market while you are at Chatuchak!

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