Artbox Bangkok at Chatuchak… All You Need to Know!

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

[UPDATE] Artbox Bangkok will be at Suanluang Square from 21 Dec to 24 Dec 2017. Artbox Bangkok at Chatuchak has ENDED on 26 March 2017. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Bangkok’s coolest night market meets the world’s largest flea market when Artbox comes to Chatuchak! Flea marketing can’t get any more epic than this.

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What can you expect?

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

  1. All day AND all night flea marketing with Chatuchak Weekend, JJ Green and now Artbox all in one place!
  2. 7 months of artistic inspiration. This is the longest Artbox event, ever!
  3. Maybe Artbox will become permanent? Who knows!
  4. This area is now a hot bed of innovative markets in one place… more variety!
  5. You can now focus your holiday on just flea marketing by staying at nearby hotels.

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What is it?

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Container box styled Night Market with lots of artistic food creations and innovative products! Comes complete with gorgeous photo opportunities thanks to fairy-land lights that set the mood.

  • Go in the evening or night time
  • The best times to visit are between 5pm to 9pm, which is a perfect continuation of any Chatuchak shopping spree!
  • Less hot in the evenings, and you can take nicer photos when the lights come on! The best part? You’ll completely avoid the glaring sun.
  • Some shops have yet to open in the early afternoon
  • There’s a lovely alfresco picnic and eating area for you to chill, wine and dine!
  • Swoon to the serenades by awesome live band performances!

What to eat?

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Food Trucks

A tradition all over Bangkok since decades ago, whole trucks are converted into mobile kitchens and barsides serving scrumptious street food. They’re hard to find on the streets nowadays, but you can definitely find them parked here! Don’t be fooled – the food they dish out from the back of their trucks can rival some of the best street foods in Bangkok, and beat even some restaurants!
Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Grilled Beef Steak Bites

Wholesome, juicy, succulently marinated tender cuts in bite sizes? There’s nothing much more you can ask for… except maybe for second helpings!

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Grilled Shellfish

The kind of seafood you normally find at the restaurants, but at flea market prices and no compromise on quality! Snack on ever fragrant flame-grilled clams, succulent scallops, the juiciest mussels and more while you shop!
Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

UFO Dessert

Call it gimmicky, but it’s actually pretty yummy. Made to look out of this world, these desserts perhaps add more to the festive atmosphere of Artbox than fill your belly. Get it for novelty!

And lots lots more! Check out the 10 food we love at Artbox!

What to do?

Artistic Wonders:

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox invites some of Bangkok’s most aspiring young artists and artisans. They aren’t just here to sell their wares, they’re here to show off their skill too! Get yourself sketched in hand-drawn portraits, or take home one of thousands of locally hand-made products! These are truly the guys and gals who put the Art in Artbox.


Creative Finds:

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak 2016

So many creative products and creations are here for you to discover. From fizzy bath bombs to innovative clothing for yourself (and your pets), you’ll be in for delight after delight as you explore box after box at one of Bangkok’s most innovative night markets.


Where is it?

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak Map

Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station – Exit 1

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

30th September 2016 to 26th March 2017 (ENDED)

12pm to 11pm


Plan your trip!


Visit Artbox first. Then visit Chatuchak Friday Night Market (Just walk through the MRT underpass from Exit 1 to Exit 2, and voila!)

Chatuchak Friday Night Market Map

Visit JJ Weekend Market (the main Chatuchak) in the day, then visit Artbox at night! (Just walk through the MRT underpass from Exit 2 to Exit 1)

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Visit Artbox in the early evening around 5pm onwards. Then visit JJ Green Night Market to end off the night! (Walkable from Chatuchak Park MRT. We suggest taking a taxi instead. It’s easier and faster.)

JJ Green Night Market Map


    1. Hi YY, Artbox Thailand will be in Bangkok from 10-13 August 2017 at Suanluang Sq. Do follow their IG @artbox_th for more updates. Cheers (:

  1. 🙁 came to Bangkok on the 21 April only to find out it was closed. When I looked it up on the website it said it was open today. We drove more than half an hour only to drive back to our hotel. ?
    I’m so disappointed. Organizers should be update the website.

    1. Hi Tati, Artbox at Chatuchak has ended since 26 March 2017. As Artbox is a pop-up market, you should always check their Instagram page before heading down! You can also follow ShopJJ Facebook or check our website for the latest updates. Fret not, there are plenty of other night markets in Bangkok!

  2. It looks like Artbox FB page (and Eatbox) post it was last week at 18-Mar (

    Is it the case? Would you please help to verify?
    Sorry I don’t know Thai and try to get info with Google Translate only

    ความน่ากินเบอร์นี้ รีบมา EATBOX กัน อาทิตย์นี้อาทิตย์สุดท้ายแล้วนะ
    (The delicious this number come eatbox. This week last week.)

      1. HI ShopJJ, im a bit confuse. you were saying Artbox at Chatuchak will end on 30April 2017 but here you are saying end after this week. which one is correct?

        1. Hi Gary, sorry for the confusion. Latest update from Artbox on March 17 indicates that Artbox (EATBOX) will end on 26 March 2017. The earlier end date is most likely due to their overseas stop in Singapore for 2 weekends starting 14 April 2017.

    1. Hi Eileen, Artbox at Chatuchak will end on 30th April 2017. As it is a pop-up market, you will have to wait for next update. Artbox will be coming to Singapore on the 14-16 and 21-23 April 2017.

  3. Hey, I heard Artbox is moving to Singapore, any idea whether EATBOX will be there is April as well ?
    I am planning to travel then 🙂

    1. Hello Kirti, EATBOX should still be around at Chatuchak in April. Artbox organisers have not announced any end date for EATBOX. There are many other interesting pop-up markets in Bangkok, follow our Facebook for updates!

  4. HI there, would like to know if Artbox is still opening in April 2017? I will be at bangkok from 2nd of April.

    1. Hi Crystal, ArtBox should still be around. It has recently converted to EATBOX with only food stalls. There is no ending date for EATBOX yet. We will update you again when we have more details (:

    1. Hi BK! ARTBOX will still be open in March 2017 at Chatuchak but it will be converting to “EATBOX”. Only food stalls will be around. Starting March 3, every Fri-Sun 4pm to 12am.

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