12 Hottest Clubs in Bangkok That Put All Others to Shame

Where to Party in Bangkok: The 12 Most Popular Clubs

The Ultimate Clubbing Experience in Asia

Bangkok’s party nightlife is perhaps the undisputed king in this part of Asia. It is home to  clubs of all sorts, from groundbreaking mega-clubs to chic underground enclaves. DJs are immensely creative, and partygoers are young, vibrant and gorgeous.

Bangkok is a city that sure knows how to party, and throw one too.

The General Run-down

  • Clubs are open every day, usually at night
  • Music ranges from Electronic Dance Music (EDM), R&B and House, all depending on the club and the night of the week.
  • Some clubs feature live bands that play popular Thai jams.
  • Clubs will waive cover charges if you open a bottle. You’ll also get a table for you and your party (which is awesome!).
  • Always check each club’s respective Facebook Pages or websites first for special event nights. It’ll help you plan your night.

The Hall of Fame

There’s a club for everyone all over Bangkok. We’ve selected the four prime entertainment districts, and hand picked the best of the best here for your partying pleasure.

Royal City Avenue (RCA):

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Royal City Avenue (RCA)

With a name like that, you can be assured of having a night of fun fit for a king. RCA is Bangkok’s largest and most extravagant government-designated entertainment district, home to some of the best nightclubs in town. It is the epicenter of Bangkok’s clubbing scene, a model that all others look up to. It is here where you’ll meet the most gorgeous locals girls and dashing young men. Perhaps most importantly, it’s very safe, far more civilised than other ‘hood joints that dot the city’s various streets.



ONYX Nightclub - Party Bangkok

ONYX Nightclub - Party Bangkok

ONYX is the first nightclub to popularise megaroom-style partying in Bangkok, rivalling the hottest spaces from Seoul, Ibiza and Berlin. The central floor is as expansive as a hangar, able to house crowds of over 2,000 and 15 VIP rooms.

ONYX only exists to be the boldest and most lavish dance party extravaganza in all Bangkok

Renowned International DJs, perched atop a state-of-the-art deck, rock fresh young crowds with their hottest spins of EDM and R&B. The wall of LEDs energises the dancescape as the crowd slips into a trance before the greatest laser show in the city. The air is intense. The crowd is alive.

ONYX exists for one singular purpose – to be the boldest and most lavish dance party extravaganza in Bangkok, and perhaps of all Asia. Whatever your style, ONYX has your fix.

Cover charges are 300 Baht per person. Rates are higher whenever an International DJ is spinning for that night (which is quite often).

Come here for:

  • Mega-sized, world-class clubbing experience.
  • Youthful, cosmopolitan crowds.
  • International DJs and class acts.

Well mixed of locals and tourists. Young adult crowd of 21-30 year olds.
9pm to 2am

ONYX – Facebook | Website


Route 66

Route 66 Club - Party Bangkok

Route 66 Club - Party Bangkok

Route66 is RCA’s legendary nightclub, the pioneering establishment that kickstarted Bangkok’s nightlife revolution nearly 20 years ago. It is renowned for it’s insanely wild parties and electrifying atmosphere, which attracts the young and beautiful from all over Bangkok, and even the world.

Renowned for it’s insanely wild parties and electrifying atmosphere, a must-visit

Route66 is divided into two main rooms. The first dishes out the latest hip-hop, dance pop, and R&B sensations that will keep the floor moving. The second hosts accomplished bands that will croon anything from the latest Thai chart toppers to disco classics of the swinging 70s. Additional rooms that pulse trance and EDM beats are open during the crowded weekends.

Of note is it’s clubbing style. It is uniquely ‘Thai’, in the sense that you’re encouraged to come with a group of friends, open a bottle of top label liquor and pick the most visible spot on the floor. Opening a bottle is highly recommended, because it’s the best way to establish your presence (and space) on the oft-crowded floor. Besides, it’s just freaking baller to do so.

Route66 is a must-visit at least once in your life – indeed, a night at Route66 is often cited as a ‘rite of passage’ of sorts for local university students and teenagers.

Come here for:

  • Extravagant, crazy and out-of-this-world parties.
  • Unique, ‘Thai-style’ clubbing experience.
  • Local youngsters, some clubbing for the very first time.

Mostly locals with decent crowd of tourists.
9pm to 2am

Route 66 – Facebook | Website

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Thonglor is one of Bangkok’s most avant-garde entertainment districts, famed for its trendsetting clutch of classy bars, fashionable clubs and fashion-forward shops. It is here that Bangkok’s newest trends and concepts launch first, trailblazing the city’s entertainment scene before it becomes cool elsewhere. This boundary-pushing culture is so strong that it has now spread to the neighbouring street of Ekkamai, and that’s a fantastic thing.

As a result, Thonglor-Ekkamai attracts some of the city’s most sophisticated and affluent crowds, all seeking party vibes of a more elegant sort than at other places around Bangkok.


Funky Villa

Funky Villa Club - Party Bangkok

Funky Villa Club - Party Bangkok


Funky Villa is modeled after a mansion for the rich and famous, complete with an open air rooftop, gorgeous patio and bathed in luxurious glows of warm lighting and decor. It’s absolutely fitting, especially since Funky Villa is in Thonglor, the district of Thailand’s “hi-society” crowd.

Expect the city’s young, most beautiful and savvy-posh here

And what a crowd it is. Expect the city’s young, beautiful and posh to flaunt their stuff and party the night away here. These are folks with money to burn, with rounds and bottles of top-shelf liquor flowing freely amongst friends and fellow partygoers. You’ll get a sense too that this is the place to be seen at, rather than just to be at.

It is certainly the most popular club in the trendy Thonglor district, and often holds concerts for popular local Thai artistes. The music here spans a good mix of live music and the DJ’s throbbing beats of R&B. There’s a jam in store for everyone in the house.

Come here for:

  • Sophisticated and posh clubbing experience.
  • Gorgeous outdoor spaces.
  • Wealthy and beautiful crowd of young adults, professionals and university graduates.

Mostly locals with decent crowd of tourists.
7pm to 2am

Funky Villa – Facebook



DEMO Club - Party Bangkok

DEMO Club - Party Bangkok

DEMO throws aside the overdone chic and contemporary styles and gets down and dirty with grunge and pop-art culture. There’s a vintage car for absolutely no reason other than to look cool; its exposed brick walls are covered in quirky graffiti; and high-tech moving images light up the decaying façade in psychedelic colour.

DEMO is the rebellious, gritty, cool kid on the block

Like a massive, artsy NYC warehouse, DEMO holds its own against the glam of Thonglor as the rebellious, gritty, cool kid in the block. Indeed, it sits right next to the glamorous Funky Villa, sticking it to its glitzy neighbour with a style of its own. That said, DEMO is literally joined with Funky Villa, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s soul is different too. DEMO defies convention with music policy that rejects the contemporary. Expect no MTV hip-hop beats here. DJs strictly play electro, nu-house and aged house spins.

DEMO draws a more seasoned partying crowd who have seen it all and crave change. It is thus less pretentious than its neighbour, and the crowd is more confident and engaging. Especially important to some people, the folk here tend to hold their liquor with more poise.

There is no cover charge here, but drinks are rather expensive.

Come here for:

  • Something different from the clichéd glitz and glamour.
  • More seasoned and confident partygoers.
  • Alternative music and beats.

More seasoned, sociable crowd. Decent number of tourists present.
9pm to 2am

DEMO – Facebook

DND Club

DND Club - Party Bangkok

DND Club - Party Bangkok

A relative newcomer in the snazzy Thonglor-Ekkamai area, Do Not Disturb (DND) Club is quickly becoming the place to be for serious partygoers. DJs here specialise in bass-heavy EDM music, so expect heart pumping beats of house, electronic, big-house and pop to fill the rooms. They do occasionally bring in live bands, however.

Styled after a vintage motel, this is the place to be for serious partygoers

What keeps DND apart is it’s very unusual design. Styled after a vintage motel, you’ll see bulky old TVs hung on walls and glistening chrome carts on wheels. It’s pretty cool, in fact. We don’t smoke, but there’s a really funky barbershop-style smoking room here.

DND is yet another club that adopts the ‘Thai-style’ way of partying, so there are plenty of seats and tables for you and your crew to mingle over a bottle of top-shelf liquor. Unlike the usual clubs, there isn’t a central dance floor here, but it’s roomy enough for you to throw out some shapes when your beat drops.

What we love most is the Japanese yakiniku bar/restaurant called ‘Kukuu’ on the rooftop. It’s a fantastic place for dinner, snacks or pre-party drinks to rev up your night of excitement at DND below.

Come here for:

  • Very unusual setting that infuses a different sort of energy.
  • Lovely Japanese rooftop bar/restaurant for dinner or snacks before the party.
  • Thumping beats of EDM, house and pop music.

Mostly locals with very few tourists present.
8pm to 2am

DND Club – Facebook


Safe House

Safe House Club - Party Bangkok

Safe House Club - Party Bangkok

The Safe House is a club exuding cool underground vibes that’s become extremely popular in recent years. The Safe House boasts incredible state-of-the-art technology. You’ll the sense that the future crashed here and decided to celebrate. Walls streak with pulsing electric blue lights (think Tron, the movie), giant LED panels blaze in colours to the beat, all controlled by a designated VJ (say whatttt?) that’s just as important as the DJ.

A distinct futuristic flavour that sets it apart from the rest

Safe House’s sound system is just sick and impressive, pumping out beats and hooks that engulf the room in grandiose sound. They even put the DJ on a raised platform, so everyone knows just who’s in charge around here. It’s these touches that give Safe House a distinct futuristic flavour that set it apart from the rest.

The young and rich locals strut their stuff here to spins of the EDM and mainstream contemporary variety… all the way to 4-5AM in the morning! Unlike other clubs in Bangkok, The Safe House opens for a good 2-3 hours more than usual, so you don’t have to call it a night right when you get your groove on.

Come here for:

  • Amazing sound system and futuristic underground vibes.
  • Contemporary mainstream music and renowned international DJs
  • All-night partying until 4-5am.

Mostly young locals with few tourists present.
8pm to 4am

Safe House – Facebook


Nunglen & Escobar

Nunglen and Escobar - Party Bangkok

Nunglen and Escobar - Party Bangkok

Two different establishments giving you great choice in one place

Nunglen and Escobar are two different establishments within the same complex, with different vibes to each. The combination of the two give you great choice and two distinct venues to party in a single night! It’s perhaps why local young professionals and university students frequent Nunglen & Escobar most nights.


Nunglen is a single-room club hosting live, 4-piece bands that fill the air with disco-pop anthems (mostly Thai) for the most part of the night. With its relatively low ceiling, the music reverberates across the room and you get an euphoric sense of being at the heart of a rock concert mosh pit.

Being one of the longest running nightclubs in Bangkok, its interior is thus smaller and cosier than most. That means it gets crowded really fast.

Expect to “stand and party” all night here, which is ironic considering ‘nunglen’ translates to ‘sit and chill’. If you do actually want to sit and chill, come early before 10PM to book yourself a seat or table.


Escape the crowd and swap live music for house techno and hip-hop at the adjacent Escobar. It’s much more spacious and you’ll have no problems getting a table here. Indeed, Escobar was recently renovated and now features electrifying LED laser lights and an all-new thumping sound system that keeps the party fresh all night.

Come here for:

  • A “best of both worlds” experience with two different clubs in one place.
  • Great crowds of energetic locals at both venues.
  • A more authentic Thai clubbing experience.

Mainly youthful locals with little to no tourists present.
8pm to 2am

Nunglen & Escobar – Facebook | Website



Sukhumvit is Bangkok’s longest and busiest road, with some of the city’s best hotels, shopping malls, cafés, restaurants, and more lining the entire boulevard. It’s so extensive that Sukhumvit deserves a full article (or site) on its own. For now, we’ll focus on their clubs. Compared to other districts, clubs along Sukhumvit are more international, and as such are very popular with tourists.


Levels Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Levels Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Levels is perched on the sixth floor of the funkyslick Aloft Hotel, and channels that same energy across its three main club areas. It enhances the already rich nightlife in the heart of Bangkok with a modern, world-class offering that combines the best of classy lounges, terraced bars and raunchy dance clubs.

A world-class offering combining the best of classy lounges, terraced bars and raunchy dance clubs

The first area of Levels is an opulent, two-storey high megalounge that glows in a luxurious purple. Pulling the look together is a gigantic chandelier that’s like a glistening shower of a thousand jewels. Partying here has adopts a more European style, with few seats and lots of space to dance and float.

Take a tunnel to access the second area of Levels, which transforms into an intense dance club. Music dominates here, with DJs pumping out deep EDM beats to an energised crowd. Laser lights streak across the room, giving this space a futuristic vibe in great contrast to the grand one before.

Levels clearly caters to a more international crowd, often featuring top western DJs spinning on their state-of-the-art sound decks. Check out their website and Facebook page often, because Levels has something special happening almost every day of the week.

While there is no dress code, Levels commands an air of class that most partygoers dress voluntarily dress in style here. It is an immensely popular club amongst young fashionistas  who are clearly here to be seen.

Come here for:

  • Modern, sensational euro-style clubbing experience.
  • Popular dance music mixes by western-style DJs
  • Stylish crowd of discerning partygoers.

International crowd with a strong tourists presence.
9pm to 2am

Levels – Facebook | Website



Insanity Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Insanity Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Insanity is a late-night afterparty club that lives up to its name. It’s insanely huge, insanely wild and insanely awesome!

Big-house EDMs and loud, thumping bass beats fill the hangar-like dance floor, thanks to DJs perched atop raised decks similar to many European styled clubs. This mega-hall club is unlike anything else in Sukhumvit, and often hosts big-name international DJs and local superstars. Think of mega rave parties you’d expect in cities like London, and you’ll get a sense of the scale and intensity of a night at Insanity.

Insanely huge, insanely wild and insanely awesome!

Kick-ass sound systems, streaking laser lights and nose-bleed sexy podium dancers add to the electrifying atmosphere here. Insanity is also famous for being a place to meet friendly, local ladies who on most nights outnumber the gents. Because Insanity is located close to more raunchy establishments like Nana Entertainment Complex, you’ll find that quite a number of ladies are here for work as much as play. So guys, whether you want it or not, you’ll get plenty of attention!

Whatever your desires, Insanity remains an immensely popular, world-class club that’s taken the clubbing experience to the next level.

Come here for:

  • Big-house style clubbing and anthemic house music
  • A place to meet sexy ladies
  • An after-party club (parties here go on til 6am on some nights, and you get 50% off all bottles after 1am!)

Tip: If you have dinner at V8 Diner in front of Insanity, you’ll get free entry to the club. Otherwise, cover charge is 300 baht with one free drink (which can be combined into a bottle of liquor). 

International crowd with a strong tourists presence.
10pm to 5am

Insanity – Facebook | Website



Grease Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Grease Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Grease has four floors of pure entertainment. Yes, four.

First, you’d start your evening off with the irreverently named “Any Winehouse” restaurant on the ground floor. It’s got a casual chic menu of Mediterranean and Thai eat, but what truly shines are the drinks. Their wines are top-notch superb, and the cocktails at Grease are to die for. That’s because their incredibly talented mixologist is arguably the best in the whole of Bangkok.

Four floors of entertainment, with cocktails to die for

Next, skip the second floor (you’ll see why) and head all the way to the top floor, where beanbags, artificial grass and shisha await. It’s the perfect spot to settle yourself down after an amazing dinner and prep yourself for the crazy party that’s about to begin. That said, the top floor of Grease is a great place to chill and unwind with friends nevertheless.

One floor down is Case 49, where up-and-coming live bands will play chill out grooves that’ll set you in the mood. When you’re ready to unleash the party animal in you, get up and brace yourself for the second floor.

Welcome to LSD (Light-Sound Disruption) – Grease’s immensely hip and groundbreaking dancespace. Every form of dance music thumps the walls of LSD, with top international and local DJs scratching their decks each night. Low ceilings, awesome sound, walls of mirrors and blistering laser lights create an incredibly intense atmosphere that’ll pump your adrenaline through the roof.

Come here for:

  • Some of the best drinks you can have in the whole of Bangkok.
  • Four storeys of varied entertainment styles to suit your fancy.
  • Intense clubbing experience at LSD with all sorts of music to suit your style.

Varied crowd of partygoers with a decent tourist presence.
6pm to 2am

Grease – Facebook



Glow Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Glow Nightclub - Party Bangkok

Glow radiates in an intoxicating neon green, which is a tell-tale sign that you’re going to be in for an addictive night of dancing and music.

Glow emphasises supreme quality music – the place to enjoy the music and dance

DJs spin, mix and scratch the most cutting-edge of beats, rhythms and spins, throwing aside the clichéd and tested. Glow definitely emphasises supreme quality music and gives DJs the freedom to express their musicality and flaunt their sheer skill. It’s telling when everyone here is bobbing to their beats, even the staff!

This is certainly the place to enjoy the music and dance aspect of clubbing. We get the feeling that other DJs come here once in a while to seek inspiration for their own spins at other places.

Regardless, a night at this quaint, boutique club will definitely leave you fulfilled, smiling and nodding to addictive beats all the way back to your hotel.

Come here for:

  • Great, innovative and cutting-edge music that set trends.
  • A guilt-free, music and dance centric clubbing experience
  • Cosy, underground clubbing vibes.

Crowds of expats and tourists.
9pm to 3am

Glow – Facebook



NOXS Bangkok

NOXS Club - Party Bangkok

NOXS Club - Party Bangkok


NOXS Bangkok is the newest nightclub in Bangkok. The club features a stunning LED lighting & superb sound system for non-stop EDM entertainment.

Unfortunately, NOXS has recently closed its doors in June 2016 for a managerial overhaul. We’ll update this article once a new club open in this spot!

Mainly locals with few tourists present.
10pm to 4am

NOXS Bangkok – Facebook

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