The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

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The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

The Rome is a lovely roman-themed restaurant

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Complete with a replica roman colosseum!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Believe it or not, this is the entrance to their famed restrooms...

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

They weren't kidding when they said their restrooms were impressive

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

The Rome's cosy size makes it ideal for get-togethers and romantic dates

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

We love their sunken-in seats in the lagoon... They're reserved for parties of 4 or more, though!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Perfect set-ups for chillouts

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Wherever you sit, you'll be guaranteed great views all around

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Grilled River Prawns

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Tom Yam Soup – Ask for less spicy!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Oh? What's this?

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

A half-meter tall skewer of pork, beef and chicken!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!


The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

The Rome's friendly dedicated service really added that special something to our evening!

The Rome – Colossal Rome in Bangkok!

Saying goodbye to The Rome... and their resident cat, Tam!

If you’re not like us and are smart travellers who also read our article, you’ll take the BTS all the way to the Bang Wa station, and then hop on a 20 minute taxi ride to get to the Rome. But for us silly writers who didn’t have a clue the first time around and stupidly took a cab from Bangkok straight, we got stuck in the infamous 2-hour jam.

Was it worth it?

Oh, definitely. It gave us one of our greatest dining experiences ever, in spite of the jam!

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The Rome is Beautiful



Step past the entrance arches and the glorious sight of a massive colosseum perched over a glistening pool greets you. It’s a fantastic sight, really. Sure, the Rome is smaller than many other themed restaurants in Bangkok, but it has a lovely, cosy feeling that others lack. It’s like a charming bubble away from the grime of Bangkok city. Friendly waiters ushered us to a prime seat beside the azure lagoon. We had full view of the (really talented) local live crooner on the stage. The best part, we overlooked the towering man-made colosseum bathed in warm hues of gold. It’s as picturesque as it gets.

See more of The Rome in our image gallery!


Food as Good as it Looks

When it comes to food, The Rome impresses. We ordered a ‘tower of skewered meats’ – a house speciality – that gave us a scrumptious sampling of beef, chicken and pork. We accompanied that with a side of grilled river prawns and a tom yam seafood soup.

When the meats arrived, our jaws dropped.

The meats were cooked to juicy, tender perfection, and we daresay the beef was better done than what you get at many actual steak restaurants. It’s that good. And the price was just about 500 baht – a steal considering what you get for it.

The beef was our favourite meat, by far. The chicken was not too bad, but the pork was a little dry. We strongly recommend getting just a beef skewer and forgoing the others.

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Grilled River Prawns

A serving of six big-headed river prawns sets you back by about 300 baht

The grilled prawns were as you’d expect them in Bangkok – extremely fragrant when served and juicy when bitten. But as is the case with all river prawns, there’s not much meat left after removing all of its shells.

Tom Yam Soup

Extremely tasty, but also extremely spicy! If you can’t take the heat, ask for “less spicy”!

The tom yam soup was extremely flavourful, chock full of ingredients and very tasty. BUT, it was way too spicy for our tastes, so always ask for less or no spice at all if you’re not up for it. Apart from the spice, it was one of the best tom yams we’ve ever tried.


Attentive and Friendly Service

ShopJJ <3 The Staff of The Rome!

Although most of the staff don’t speak much English, they do their best to communicate with you and are ever so attentive while staying comfortably away. There’s just enough privacy for romantic dates out – and enough attention that you’ll never feel neglected. And everyone here is always smiling – which is a great sign for any restaurant.

Other Tips and Tidbits


The Rome may seem rather out of the way to visit, but it’s actually a great vacation idea if you consider these three things:

  1. The atmosphere is cosy, romantic and not overly crowded.
  2. The food is excellent.
  3. On your way back, take a short detour to Asiatique (which is along the way to the Bangkok city center) where you can shop, grab drinks or have fun at the many carnival-like games there.

So you could plan an entire evening just for The Rome + Asiatique, and that in itself could be a highlight of your next trip to Bangkok.

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Our Verdict

What can we say? We absolutely loved our visit to The Rome. The ambience was warm and friendly, the food was great, and the staff truly left an impression. There’s an endearing humility to The Rome that belies its rather pompous exterior, and that’s a really fantastic thing. It may have man-made façades, but it’s got genuine heart and warmth that’ll make the arduous journey here worth it.

Thanks everyone at The Rome for a lovely evening! We’ll be back! <3

Getting to The Rome

Our particular journey to The Rome was rather arduous because we took a taxi straight from Thonglor. Instead, we should have taken the BTS to Bang Wa station (to avoid at least 60% of the jam) and then cabbed from there. Lesson learnt!

So, the easiest and quickest way is to take a 20-30 mins taxi ride from the Bang Wa BTS Station. The Rome is situated right along the main road, so it’s easy to grab a cab back to the city after a meal here.

Nong Khang Phlu, Nong Khaem, Bangkok 10160
Mon-Sun, 5pm to Midnight

Tel: 02-444-1088
The Rome – Facebook

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