Chatuchak’s Three Famous Markets, Bangkok

Chatuchak’s Three Famous Markets

Say “Chatuchak”, and we think of the world’s largest weekend market and its never-ending streets (or ‘Sois’) of food, fashion and fascination. But Chatuchak is in fact the name of an entire district in Bangkok, and the world-famous market is just a part of it.

Knowledge is power, so to conquer this sprawling field of boundless shopping, check out our Ultimate Survival Kit, and read on to know how it all works!

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Not Just One, But Three Markets

Chatuchak Location Map 2016

Indeed, Chatuchak is home to three distinct weekend markets: JJ Market, JJ Friday, and JJ Green (“JJ” is a short form for Chatuchak, which is derived from the Thai transliteration “Jatujak”). But most of the time, it’s just easier to refer to them all as “Chatuchak”. It has a nice ring to it!

Getting to the trinity of JJ markets is easy, but each market has different opening and closing times, so be very careful not to end up visiting at the wrong times or you’ll miss all the fun.


JJ Weekend Market – The Headliner

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is the one that everyone talks about and mistakes for being ‘Chatuchak’ itself. The main one. The star. The Chatuchak Market.

Officially known as the Chatuchak Weekend Market, it is the largest of all markets in Thailand, and perhaps the largest in the whole world. The numbers are truly mind-boggling.

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Location: Beside Chatuchak Park, BTS Mo Chit or MRT Kamphaeng Phet
Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 6pm

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

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JJ Friday – The Prologue

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

This is a late night market, as in wee-hours late. The shops here are unique pop-up stalls you can’t normally find at JJ Weekend. They just happen to take up the same space. But JJ Friday has a very unique twist – the wares peddled here are priced (and displayed) to be sold at wholesale prices, so they are anywhere between 40% to 50% cheaper than what you’ll get at JJ Weekend.

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Location: Beside Chatuchak Park, BTS Mo Chit or MRT Kamphaeng Phet
Hours: Friday, 10pm to 4am

Chatuchak Friday Night Market Map


JJ Green – The Maverick’s Night Market

JJ Green Night Market

If JJ Weekend Market is the poster boy for weekend markets in Bangkok, then JJ Green is it’s fashionable, edgy little brother. Smooth live music resonates from its stylish al-fresco bars, while the aroma of fresh food from famous street stalls fill your lungs. It boasts a distinctively bohemian and artsy vibe that’s irresistible to fashion-forward shoppers, artists and foodies alike.

The wares on display here are also incredibly unique and fascinating. You’ll find vintage polaroid cameras from the 70s that still work, chic street wear, and avenues of accessories that’s every fashionistas’ wet dream. Even if you don’t buy anything, just being in JJ Green is an awe-inspiring experience in itself.

JJ Green is situated north of JJ Weekend Market, a short 5 minutes walk will get you there.

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Location: Behind Chatuchak Park, BTS Mo Chit or MRT Chatuchak Park
Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 6pm to 1am

JJ Green Night Market Map

A Complete Chatuchak Experience

All three markets make up the Chatuchak Market Experience, and all three are worth a special visit when you’re here in Bangkok. You’ll never know what you’ll end up seeing!

Cat at Chatuchak Friday Night Market


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