Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok: World’s Largest Market!

Chatuchak Weekend Market (sometimes also called JJ Market) is perhaps the holy grail of all weekend markets, and it’s the one everyone means when they say “Chatuchak”. It is the largest weekend market in the world, and possibly the most fascinating too!

If you ever thought “cheap and good” products were hard to find, then you absolutely must visit JJ Weekend and have your paradigms shifted! Lots of what you’ll find here are very well-made yet unbelievably affordable.

But don’t just take our word for it. You’ve got to explore its treasures for yourself! First, let us whet your appetite:

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Eats & Treats


What’s a flea market without epic eats? From finger delights to perhaps the most wholesome, warm soup broths in the Kingdom, Chatuchak will leave your bellies full but your curiousity hungry.


Noodle Soup with Chicken


Springy noodles, thick chicken broth soup and flavorful steamed chicken! Don’t you dare give this a miss – read our review and you’ll see why!


Coconut Ice Cream


The original coconut ice cream stall (map) that’s famous the world over. For just a couple of dollars, you get the tastiest coconut ice cream served in a freshly hollowed out husk. Add your favourite toppings (ours are sweet corn and nata de coco) and enjoy! Better yet, every order comes with a free cup of refreshing natural coconut water!


Sesame Fried Chicken


Tucked behind the main fashion district (map) is a humble stall dishing out a fusion of Vietnamese + Thai traditional cuisine. Come here for the fried chicken: this is the real finger-licking-good deal!

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Italian Soda


These cups of swirly colour are the perfect thirst quencher, especially at Chatuchak! They’re all the rave in Bangkok right now… maybe it’s thanks to their psychedelic colours? 


Iced Ovaltine


Remember our favourite childhood drink, Ovaltine? It’s back with a blast at Copichino! It’s probably the best iced Ovaltine drink at JJ weekend, and maybe the world! We say go big or go home, so you absolutely must try their volcano series!


Som Tam


Authentic Thai food packed with locals, the best place to try out spicy local delicacies!

And lots lots more! Check out our awesome guide to the 10 Must Eat and Drink at Chatuchak!



Ah… fashion in Chatuchak. If it ever needed a reason for being, this would be it. Many of the outlets here, especially at the main fashion district (map) are testbeds for many budding fashion designers and entrepreneurs. So when we say clothes are cheap and good here, there’s a very good reason for it. Many stalls here are trying to make a mark with distinctive, quality goods at competitive prices. Who knows, that little stall you’re patronising today may be tomorrow’s high fashion boutique at Siam.


Fashionable Clothing and Shoes


Shopping haven for the ladies and at affordable prices!


Clothes and Accessories for the Men


Man up and dress up! Chatuchak’s got plenty of things for guys as well! It’s the perfect place to update your wardrobe, and spice it up a little too!


Couple T-Shirts


It’s pretty common to spot couples wearing similar t-shirts in Bangkok, maybe it’s time to get one set too?

Hand-made Accessories


From earrings, necklaces to bracelets… You name it, they make it! Many young Thai artisans hand-make the accessories here, which usually means that the trinket you’re eyeing is the only one of its kind! 


Camera Straps


Yes! It’s time to change those ugly black straps!




These aren’t your usual flea market eyewares that are often also eyesores. They’re actual local Thai designer eyeware brands that produce some really amazing designs! They look good and are surprisingly very well made. They come in all shapes and sizes too, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!  


Leather Goods


Wide range of hand-made leather goods, from belts to shoes, bags and other small accessories. Thai leather is of an extremely high quality, yet extremely affordable. They’re well tanned, tough and honestly who can resist the allure of really good leather once in a while?

Everything Floral


A shop stocked with floral items! Great place to get a few items for that perfect Instagram worthy photo.

And lots lots more! Check out our interesting buys at Chatuchak!


Those Novelty Items


This is where the adventure begins – JJ Weekend is an ocean of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. You’ll never know what you’ll find here. One moment, fragrant, homely scents for your home wafts across your nose. The next, books are bursting into flame in the hands of a street magician happily gyrating to Britney Spears’ Toxic. Don’t question, just appreciate. It’s fun!


Scented Fragrances


Great gifts for yourself or your loved ones.


Adorable Keychains


They are so great as gifts. Support the local design scene. buy many!

Clothes for the Little Ones


Yes! Even toddlers and children get to shop!


Authentic Thai Tea Leaves


Everything you need to brew that delicious cup of Thai milk tea.


Decorative Lighting


Light up your home or room with style with these unique ball lighting!


Foot and Shoulder Massage


A quick recharge means more energy to keep shopping! Take a pit stop to loosen those tight muscles especially after all that shopping!


Performances by University Students


Raising funds for their faculty so they achieve and accomplish more academically. Support them!


Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map 2016

Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station – Exit 2
Mo Chit BTS Station – Exit 1

Every Saturday and Sunday
9am to 6pm

See All Maps


Getting There

Chatuchak Location Map 2016

Our favourite way is to take the MRT and alighting at Kamphaeng Phet Station. You’ll avoid ALL of Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams, and emerge right inside the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Don’t forget to head to JJ Green Night Market or the new Artbox Bangkok market while you are at Chatuchak!



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