Getting to Chatuchak Cheap and Fast

Getting to Chatuchak Cheap and Fast

There are many ways to get to the weekend markets at Chatuchak, but some ways are just better than others depending on how you’re travelling. We’ll give you the insider tips so you can better plan your route.

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Chatuchak by TAXI

Getting to Chatuchak by Taxi

Say: “Chatuchak Market”

Taking a taxi from the Siam area will cost around 150-200 baht (using meter) excluding tolls. Expect heavy traffic, especially during the peak hours of 8am-10am and 5pm-8pm.

If the taxi driver offers a fixed fee and you are willing to pay (maybe cos you just can’t wait), an amount below 250 baht is pretty reasonable from the Siam area. Of course, if you are staying further away, expect the price to be higher.

About Bangkok Taxis
Flag-down fares start at 35 baht and for the first two kilometres. After that, the fare is 2 baht per kilometer. If you’re stuck in a jam, a surcharge of 1.25 baht per meter applies when moving below 6km/h. Most taxi drivers can’t speak good English, so you’ll need a bit of creativity. Our guide can help you out too!

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Chatuchak by BTS

Getting to Chatuchak by BTS Skytrain

The BTS Skytrain is Bangkok’s overhead transit system.

Alight at Mo Chit Station, and follow the crowd towards Exit 1. From here, you’ll need to walk about 5 mins before reaching the main entrances. Do note that apart from the three main entrances on our map, there are many other small entrances everywhere, so keep a lookout.

Need help taking the BTS? Check out our guide here!

Chatuchak by MRT

Getting to Chatuchak by MRT (Kamphaeng Phet Station)

The MRT is Bangkok’s underground transit system.

Alight at Kamphaeng Phet Station, and take Exit 2 which will bring you right smack inside the market. What’s even better, you can just take a right from the station exit, and you can start fashion shopping right away. The famed Fashion District is just right there.

Need help taking the MRT? Check out our guide here!

HINT: Newbies often alight at the misleadingly-named Chatuchak Park Station, which is WRONG! If you do, you will need to walk nearly 10 minutes under the hot sun to get to Chatuchak Market. Kamphaeng Phet Station is literally right at the market’s doorstep.


Picking the Right Route

Bangkok Transit Map 2016

BTS or MRT are the cheaper and faster options when traveling alone or in pairs. It cost only about 25-35 baht per person. Traveling by taxi is cheaper when in groups, as 4-5 people can share the cab ride.


Our Favourite Route – MRT

Chatuchak Location Map 2016

If you ask us, our favourite way is to take the MRT and alighting at Kamphaeng Phet Station. You’ll avoid ALL of Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams, and emerge right inside the Chatuchak Weekend Market, where you’ll immediately encounter:

  • The original famous coconut ice cream stall, dishing out the tastiest coconut ice cream in a freshly hollowed-out husk; and
  • The chic Fashion District begins.

We can’t think of a more perfect starting point for your great big Chatuchak shopping adventure!

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