The Ultimate JJ Survival Kit

The Ultimate JJ Survival Kit

A trip to JJ Market is an adventure entirely in its own right. Have you got the gear and the smarts to get the most out of it?

This is the ultimate survival guide that will help you not just survive, but come out on top with the best hauls.

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Gear Up

#1 – Ready your Map
Download our digital map, it’s free! Navigate JJ Market like a PRO with it.
JJ Survival Kit - Ready your Map

#2 – Wear Light Clothing
Weather is hot and humid, so dressing light keeps you comfy all day (and night).
JJ Survival Kit - Wear Light Clothing

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#3 – Cash is King
Bring local cash. Sorry, credit cards and foreign currency are not accepted. Even if so, it slows you down considerably and is just downright annoying.
JJ Survival Kit - Cash is King

#4 – Drink Up
Keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water. It will keep you alert and comfortable as you hunt for the best deals.
JJ Survival Kit - Drink Up

#5 – Bring a Backpack
You’ll be buying A LOT of things, so having a bag to keep it all is a great help.
JJ Survival Kit - Bring a Backpack


Timing is Everything

#6 – Start Early
Start your hunt at 10am when the weather is less hot and the crowds are thin. Things start to heat up (literally and figuratively) around noon, so it’s around then that you should be finding a nice place for food and a cold drink.
JJ Survival Kit - Start Early

#7 – Time Waits for No One
All shops in Chatuchak Weekend Market close at 6pm, so keep your shopping times to before then. But the shopping adventure doesn’t end at 6pm. A whole new one begins, at JJ Green, just next door.
JJ Survival Kit - Time Waits for No One


JJ Prepared

Know this: you can never explore the whole of JJ Market in a single day. For instance, it’ll take you about 3-4 hours just to cover the entire Fashion District in JJ Market! So plan ahead by doing any or all of the following:

#8 – What to Buy?
Get an idea of what you want to buy there. Fashion items? Furniture? Try all the delicious food from every stall you see?
JJ Survival Kit - What to Buy

#9 – Read ShopJJ Guides
Read our guides! ShopJJ gives you ideal trails in the shopper’s jungle that is JJ Market, as well as a curation of must-sees and must-buys there! Knowledge is power, so knowing where the shops and what to expect will be a great help in planning your visit.
JJ Survival Kit - ShopJJ Guides

#10 – Tuck in Early!
Have a good night’s rest before going to Chatuchak. It’s going to be a full day of wonderous discovery, so the last thing you’ll want (especially under under the hot sun) is to be drowsy and unfocused.
JJ Survival Kit - Tuck in Early
In all, JJ Market is a bustling utopia of great food, fantastic deals and never-before-seen treasures. The depths of exploration and serendipitous discovery is part of the charm of JJ Market, and no visit to the market is complete without unexpected encounters and delights. So jump right into the adventure for what it is, and have fun!

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