7 Worthy Finds at Chatuchak’s Fashion District

Chatuchak Worthy Finds

A sleek new watch? Badass new shades? Cute customised jewellery? Even something from the past?

Here are seven awesome finds at Chatuchak – a tiny sampling of the stylish and chic products you’ll get to buy (at awesome prices) at the world’s largest weekend market!

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#1 – Minimalist Watch

Minimalist Watch - Chatuchak

You’ll see many watches around at Chatuchak (and Bangkok, for that matter), but none comes quite as close to this. Less is definitely more, here.

This watch gives your everyday look so much more, without being much!

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#2 – Laced-Outsole Flats

Laced-Outsole Flats - Chatuchak

The intricate tied up lace on the outsole gives the shoe so much character. How can you not get your eyes hooked on this one? 

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#3 – Tote Bag

Tote Bag - Chatuchak

Chilling with friends? Going shopping? Heading to the beach? Complete your casual look with this stylish, fashionable tote bag.


#4 – Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses - Chatuchak

These sunglasses are a Thai spin on the classic RayBan Clubmaster. Accentuating it’s timeless look is the use of sturdy bamboo and luxurious gold lining. Feel your style pop with these gorgeous shades. Okay, Shut up and take our money!

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#5 – Customised Bracelet

Customised Bracelet - Chatuchak

Personalise your very own stunning gold-plated bracelet. Whether as a gift or souvenir, these delicately crafted jewelry are sure to impress. Simple, yet meaningful and significant.

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#6 – Printed Shirt

Printed Shirt - Chatuchak

Browse an unbelievable selection of prints on well-fitted collared shirts that will up your style and class. If you’re not looking for something too loud but looking to replace your oxfords, a design like this would be perfect.

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#7 – Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera - Chatuchak

This is perhaps the same classic polaroid that Instagram used in its old, iconic logo. It’s the kind of thing you’d never even think you’d find at a place like Chatuchak… but here it is! For lovers of all things classic, this is a must-add to your vintage collection… that’s if they’re still available!

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