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Glorikami Origami Jewelery

Glorikami sells handcrafted jewelry inspired by the ancient Japanese art of origami (folded paper).

It is as awesome as it sounds. Made out of polished brass with a sheen like gold, these unique jewelry pieces stand out by staying classy and understated. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect gift for the elegant lady with an edge of quirk.

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Inspired by the feelings we share in the exchange of gifts, the founder of Glorikami has all but the purest of intentions behind his creations. It’s about good design crafted with love, happiness and friendship. He works with only the most talented hand-craftsmen (and women) in Thailand, and every piece is unique.

Glorikami Origami Jewelery
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The name Glorikami itself is a mix between “glory”, and the Japanese word “kami” which has many meanings. When read together, it refers to the glory of the gods, and is a clever pun on the word “origami” too. It is this level of imagination and creativity that goes behind each creation.

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We think the jewelry at Glorikami embody all that we love about Chatuchak’s fashion – Creativity, innovation, beauty all at reasonable prices that keep you coming back for more.

Glorikami Origami Jewelery
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Glorikami Origami Jewelery

The Store – Glorikami

Location: JJ Weekend Market, Section 3, Soi 42/1 No.20
Damage: Average of 350 Baht (10 USD)

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