MD Accessories: Leather Souvenirs

MD Accessories Leather Souvenir

We have a thing for customised goods, especially when they come in quality like they do at MD Accessories.

Step into the little workshop+store and you’ll be greeted by two lovely ladies who will direct you to a colourful stock of leather bases to choose from. These will be what they will use to make your personalised keychain or passport holder. The leather choices are plentiful, ranging from supple grainy leathers to gloss-polished sheens in a rainbow of colours.

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While definitely not the only custom-leather-product store around at Chatuchak, we call ourselves their regular customers because of the patient service we get here. Being a mini workshop, they are even open and able to embossing and personalising other leather products that you may have bought at other stores! They’ll charge a small fee, of course, but it’s totally worth it!

MD Accessories Leather Souvenir

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MD Accessories Leather Souvenir

MD Accessories Leather Souvenir

The Store – MD Accessories

Location: JJ Weekend Market Section 4, Soi 49/2, No. 151
Damage: 60 baht (2 USD) per personalised keychain.
Other leather products range between 100-250 baht each.


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