Mizuchol – Feminine Handmade Jewelry

Mizuchol Jewellery Bangkok

Mizuchol is a feminine handcrafted jewelry brand from Thailand. From the migration of paradise birds to the blissful sounds of the sea, Mizuchol’s nature-inspired collections offer styles reflecting every angle of a woman’s charm.


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Mizuchol Jewellery Bangkok

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Lovingly Handcrafted

Only the best craftsmen in Thailand are entrusted with its designs. With loving attention to detail, these artisans breathe life and realism to every delicate piece of 925 sterling silver. 

Mizuchol Jewellery Bangkok

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Inspired by Nature

Mizuchol’s founder and designer, Bow, draws her inspiration from the unpredictability of water. Indeed, the name Mizuchol is itself an amalgamation of the Japanese word “Mizu (水)” and the Thai word, “Chol (ชล)”, which both mean water. 

Water has a kaleidoscopic spirit that can be as calm as a lake, or as powerful as a waterfall. And yet, water in all its forms command respect and and beauty – a true reflection of a woman’s enchanting mystery.

Mizuchol Jewellery Bangkok

A Personal Touch

Mizuchol’s designs speak and identify with its wearers, embodying the personality of every unique woman. Flowers bloom fearlessly gold and bold on rings from the Untouched Garden collection, while delicate petals of rose wrap around your finger in the Falling Rose series.

Mizuchol Jewellery Bangkok

Despite its young age, Mizuchol has rapidly grown into a popular brand amongst women in Thailand. Thanks to its constant innovation and expert craftsmanship, every piece of Mizuchol is a delight to own. They are timeless pieces that will surely uplift any jewelry collection, whether as statement pieces or complements to an ensemble.


236/8-9 Siam Square Soi 2, Bangkok 10330
Siam BTS (Nearest Train Station)
Daily, 11am to 930pm

Tel: 80-050-5210
Mizuchol – Website | Facebook

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