Step Up Your Shirt Game with Rizhon @ Chatuchak

Rizhon Printed Shirts

There’s something about the collared shirt that exudes presence and style. Maybe its the fact that they’ve been staples in every gentleman’s wardrobe for centuries, or that they’re always expected at many a higher-end function. In the case of this quaint Chatuchak boutique, we think it’s their eclectic mix of class, funk and quality woven into each comfy cotton shirt. Oh, and that price too.

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Step into Rizhon along the lovely Fashion District and you’ll be treated to a generous selection of shirts in prints your imagination cant quite keep up with. From hawaiian motiffs to understated highlights, Rizhon’s shirts are the kind if shirt you’d want to wear if you want to keep things cool (figuratively and literally). Mostly of the short-sleeved variety, they are summer shirts true and true, a natural choice considering the weather in sunny Southeast Asia.

For their unbeatable low price, its easy enough for any man to up their shirt game with select pieces from Rizhon – whether to overhaul your wardrobe, or add a little funk to it.

Rizhon Printed Shirts

Rizhon Printed Shirts

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The Store – Rizhon

Location: JJ Weekend Market Section 2, Soi 40/2, No.236
Damage: 500 baht (14 USD) per shirt

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