Sunglasses: A Must-Have on Your Chatuchak Adventure

ThaiBanjerd Sunglasses

Obsessed with sunglasses? ThaiBanjerd is the store to indulge in! The store boasts more than a hundred different sunglasses, ranging from the famous Aviators to Cat-eyes.

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ThaiBanjerd Sunglasses
Unique octagon shaped sunglasses.
ThaiBanjerd Sunglasses
Wide selection of sunglasses, it’s hard not to find something you like.

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ThaiBanjerd Sunglasses
Friendly staff helping a customer with his choice of glasses.
ThaiBanjerd Sunglasses
Friendly staffs packing each glasses into specially designed pouches. Many designs to choose from!

The Store – ThaiBanjerd

Location: JJ Weekend Market, Section 3, Soi 46/2, No. 300
Damage: 300 baht – 700 baht (9 USD – 19 USD)

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