Customisable Jewelry You’ll Fall in Love With

TM Made by heart Jewelery

Slickly designed, elegantly laid out and obsessive over details, this customised jewellery store at Chatuchak’s Fashion District stands out from the crowd because of sheer quality.

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TM Made by Heart Jewelery

From the raw materials (which come in a range like gold-plated brass, sterling silver and rose gold) to their attentive service, TM. Made by Heart stays true to their (colloquail) name. You really get the feeling that a lot of heart goes into every piece of customised jewellery they sell.

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TM Made by Heart Jewelery

TM Made by Heart Jewelery

Maybe it’s seeing how their in-store artisan scrutinises every letter carved into the bracelet we bought, or how the cashier obsessively polished it before slipping it into a lovely little doggie bag carrier secured with a perfectly-aligned sticker sure to please anyone with OCD.

Their products are a little pricier than what you normally expect at Chatuchak, but hey, so is their service and quality. The slight premium is worth every baht.

The Store – TM. Made by Heart

Location: JJ Weekend Market, Section 3, No. 246
Damage: Starts from 400 baht (11 USD) per customised bracelet

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