Laced Up Mid-Sole

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Where would you go to walk on clouds? Perhaps heaven… where they keep all the cotton candy. But we certainly don’t expect you to meet the maker just for that… although the maker of these babies (see picture above) may just give you all the cloud-walking comfort you need here on Earth.

We absolutely love how imaginatively crafted these shoes are

They look absolutely nothing like clouds. But therein lies the magic. The reason why you get to feel like you’re walking on clouds is because they are just that soft. Everywhere!

Their in-soles are thick, nicely spongy without the squelchy squishiness. There is so much room for air in the in-sole fibres that it acts as a cloud-like buffer between your feet and the hardness of the ground as you walk in these comfort babies.

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Laced up Mid-sole

It only goes to say how much effort went into sourcing the perfect base for these mid-soles. Now, to complement these in-soles, equal effort went into crafting the rest of the footwear! A soft, leathery cover comfortably wraps your feet, all carefully dyed to give each pair its distinct colouring and character.

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Laced up Mid-sole

We absolutely love how imaginatively crafted these shoes are: The threading shoelaces gives the shoe an edgy, toothy character that doesn’t distract from its sheer comfiness and simplicity.

With few embellishments, these minimalistic walkers have found their way into many people’s wardrobes as a staple basic because it is so versatile and easy to match from day-to-day!

Now, you too can walk on clouds… at an absolutely heavenly price!

(Note: We’ve used ‘clouds’ a lot in describing these shoes… but they are just that comfy)

The Store – Walking In My Shoes

Location: JJ Weekend Market, Section 3, Fashion District
Damage: Starts from 600 baht (16 USD)

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