10 Must Eat and Drink at Chatuchak

With so much shopping to do, how do you keep yourself fueled to endure? Thankfully, Chatuchak is as much a haven for glorious food as it is for fashion style. With this list of must eats at Chatuchak, you could even skip the stalls altogether and transform your shopping adventure into one gluttonous indulgence (not that we’re complaining)!

Be warned, this post will get you hungry.

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#1 – Table Seafood

Koong Tung Table Seafood - JJ Green

Koong Tung
Location – JJ Green

The original pioneer of table-top seafood in Bangkok. Freshly broiled seafood is gloriously dumped right onto your tabletop before your eager eyes. This unleashes a torrent of fragrance that will get your mouth watering, if it wasn’t already.

We recommend always going for their deliciously tangy home-made Bang Bang sauce poured over juicy-fresh crabs, prawns and shellfish. Round off your dinner with their trademark corn cheese and fried cheese ball sides.


#2 – Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup - Chatuchak Weekend Market Must Eat

Noodle Soup with Chicken
Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

Springy noodles, thick chicken broth soup and flavorful steamed chicken. In spite of the blistering summer weather, this hot, delicious dish is totally worth sweating the sun for. Expect long waiting times during lunch hours as this stall is that popular.

Want to know what we think (drool) over this dish, read our full review here!

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#3 – Coconut Ice-Cream

CocoJJ Original Coconut Ice-Cream - Chatuchak Weekend Market Must Eat

Coco JJ
Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

The one and only ORIGINAL coconut ice-cream stall in Chatuchak. Slip in spoonful after spoonful of the flavourful and smooth ice cream and your hot weather woes suddenly dissipate.

You can choose from a wide selection of 9 toppings to go with your coconut ice cream.

And what is coconut without its refreshing water? You’ll be given complimentary cup of pure coconut juice with every purchase of ice cream. And mark our words – the juice is so incredibly tasty it deserves an article of its own.


#4 – Grass Jelly Drink

Red Mustache Grass Jelly Drink

Red Mustache
Location – JJ Green

Grass Jelly refreshment at its rejuvenating best. Shavings of ice are added into the fresh (but concentrated) canister upon purchase. Slurp up chewy chunks of grass jelly along with the juice, making this thirst-quenching hero of a drink the perfect reward after a long day’s adventure at Chatuchak.

Let us take a moment to rave about the jelly. It’s awesome. Worth every penny. For real.

#5 – Local Thai Cuisine

Local Thai Cuisine - Chatuchak

Jad Jan Eatery
Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you’re looking for authentic Thai dishes at Chatuchak Weekend Market, look out for this eatery at the Fashion District. The long queues of locals waiting for their seats is hint enough that the dishes her are going to be worth the wait.

We implore you to try their Som-Tam (Papaya Salad) that has the best balance of sweetness and sourness with an irresistible crunch sure to satisfy many appetites.


#6 – Bandung (Rose Syrup Drink)

Bandung (Rose Syrup Drink)

Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

This dessert stall sells an array of syrup drinks and ice-cream. For those who don’t know Bandung – it is a traditional favourite made of fresh rose syrup, evaporated milk topped with cool ice shavings. Refreshing? Hell yeah it is, and it’ll give you the revitalised boost to help you swing through the jungle of shops that sprawl over Chatuchak.

#7 – Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn Chicken - Chatuchak

Location – JJ Green

Fried, crispy, and all-round unhealthy, these sinful golden nuggets of juicy chicken completes your perfect night market adventure. I mean, what market would be complete without some irresistably indulgent fried street snacks?

Fried chicken in bite-sizes. Get them when they’re popping hot and crispy!


#8 – Italian Soda

Italian Soda - Chatuchak

Gusnot and R.A.M
Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

Under the hot sun, how does a tangy sparkling soda with a zest of kiwi and lemon sound? These ultimate Italian sodas are ice-blended wonders of fresh fruit and fizzy soda. They are the perfect tropical summer thirst quencher to chill with and stay cool in the warmth of the Chatuchak rush.

#9 – Ovaltine

Iced Ovaltine Drink

Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

Extremely popular amongst the locals, Copichino serves an authentic local beverages with innovative twists. You absolutely must try the Ice Ovaltine Volcano that is the brainchild of the owner. It’s a decadent iced chocolate rush topped with generous amounts of Ovaltine powder, and it is every bit as awesome as it sounds.


#10 – Paella

Spanish Paella - Chatuchak

Location – Chatuchak Weekend Market

This actual Spanish chef has been around for quite some time serving up massive woks of traditional Spanish paella. He’s very popular amongst locals, this chef and his dish have almost reached celebrity status amongst Chatuchak veterans. For those craving a reprieve from the endless offerings of Thai food, this authentic paella will give you the fiesta of colour and flavour that will keep you coming back for more.

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