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My goodness. We’d call this THE Chatuchak Chicken Noodle Soup, and perhaps the only place to go in Chatuchak if you’re craving a hearty, scrumptious and wholeheartedly satisfying meal.

Nestled along the main streets of Chatuchak opposite the famous Fashion District, this bustling little shop serves up one of the best chicken noodles we’ve had in a while.

You have a choice of course, from types of noodles, part of the chicken and soup base. We tried a sampling but the overall best-tasting award goes to the flat noodles with chicken drumstick in non-spicy chicken soup. Mmmm.

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The Taste

It’s chicken, all right. The flavour of the soup is rich, as though they’ve been boiling it for hours with the freshest chicken bones and a light hint of characteristically Thai spices.

The noodles are chewy with sufficient bite, and absorb the juices from the soup well. The only drawback is that the portion could be a bit larger, or maybe I was just ravenous that day.

The chicken is clearly well braised. The meat is soft and tender, peeling off the bone without effort. Slurp it up in your spoon with a pluck of noodles and soup, and your tastebuds will thank you for it.

This is a meal that satisfies on all levels. The kind of meal you’ll finish to the last drop, rub your round belly, and smile stupidly to yourself without a care that you look kinda silly as crowds death-stare you into making room for their turn.

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The Stall

It’s small and humble for sure, and spaces are limited. The focus is clearly the food, and the rest are just practical.

Location: Chatuchak Weekend Market
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Different variations of the Chatuchak Chicken Noodle Soup

Chatuchak Chicken Noodle Soup


Overall Experience

  • Food
  • Ambience
  • Price
The Good

Chicken Soup (Not Spicy)

Chicken Drumstick

The Bad

Humid Weather

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