Koong Tung – The Original Table Seafood in Bangkok

Koong Tung – JJ Green

Table Seafood is trending now in Bangkok, which is why you might see similar concepts around other night markets. What we’re talking about here is the real deal. Koong Tung is the original restaurant who popularised the concept of table seafood in Bangkok.

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The Concept

It’s very much like communal dining except little bit messier as diners share the food using their bare hands. The food’s not only great but was great fun. For the price, we think this is one of the best eating experience in Chatuchak.


Waiting Time

Do head down to book first as there is probably going to be a queue. They will call you back when there are seats. (around 30-45 minutes waiting time)



If you enjoy all kinds of seafood, we strongly recommend you to get the Mix Seafood sets which include clams and mussels (M set) and blue crabs (L set). Choose the original Bang Bang sauce (Mild) for the authentic experience. Don’t forget to complete your meal with their delicious Corn Cheese and Cheese Balls.

Location: JJ Green Night Market
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Table Seafood JJ Green - Koong Tung

Koong Tung – JJ Green

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Table Seafood Menu - Koong Tung

Koong Tung – JJ Green

Koong Tung – JJ Green

Koong Tung – JJ Green

Table Seafood JJ Green - Koong Tung

Overall Experience

  • Food
  • Ambience
  • Price
The Good

Bang Bang Sauce

Cheese Balls

Corn Cheese

The Bad

Mocktail Blue Hawaii

Long Waiting Time

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