6 Food You MUST TRY at Artbox Singapore (Week 2)

Ready for round 2 at Artbox Singapore? Here are some of our favourite snacks and foods that you have to try if you missed them the first time around!

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Dragon’s Breath snacks are doused in liquid nitrogen which gives off their signature ‘smoke’. Crunch into one of these, and you’ll be billowing dragon’s breath (rapidly evaporating nitrogen) for minutes! These colourful snacks will BLOW you away. 

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Fish Shnack

If you need a satisfying fill-up, look no further than this bucket of yummy wonder. Called the Shnack-Don, it is juicy grilled beef topped with crunchily flavourful cajun fried fish skin, crowned with an onsen tamago. All sitting atop a steaming hot bed of fragrant Japanese rice.  

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The Wicked Cream Co.

This is a hollowed-out rock melon or honey dew – the perfect bowl to contain the creamiest honeydew ice cream we’ve tasted. You can get the ice cream in a cone too, which is a quick-fix way to taste this wicked creaminess. 

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Easy Eggs

Fried quail eggs drizzled with fresh mentaiko sauce and flame-grilled to perfection. These unassuming snacks surprised us at first bite. The egg was decadently springy, and the bubbling mentaiko completely engulfs the senses – they were simply too good to resist a second serving.

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The Beast


This is a definite must-try. Crispy shoestring fries buried under mounds of mozzarella that’s flame-grilled to gooey perfection. Crack a fresh egg done sous-vide atop, and you’ve got a mouth-watering street snack you’ll beg for more once you’re done.

(Psst: we’re going back to Artbox on weekend #2 JUST for this!)  

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The Skewer Bar

Freshly grilled oysters at a flea market? You better believe it! These oysters are surprisingly huge. Crunchy at first bite, and oozing with characteristic goodness. We’d prefer them fresh and raw with lemon, but having them grilled gives us better peace of mind.

Their skewered pork belly is great too! If you’re good with spiciness (I’m not), their signature Cheesey Chicken Tau Pok is a must-try too! 

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Bonus: Artbox Café

Authentic Thai rainbow soda! These eye catching flavoured sodas are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t be fooled by the colour – the flavoured syrup is actually flavourful, and are probably as authentic as you can get. They’re air-flown from Thailand and are in incredibly limited supply!

Did you know? This stall is also run by the Thai founder of Artbox Singapore.

Artbox Singapore – Dates & Location

Artbox Singapore Location Map - ShopJJ

14 – 16 and 21 – 23 April 2017 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

3pm to 11pm daily

ARTBOX.SG – Artbox Singapore Official Website

Bayfront MRT Station
Bayfront Event Space (next to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

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